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The maids, spectators, or even the guides for hunting that were brought by those who came to join the hunting competition were scattered around.

“Lower your head.”

The moment I pushed the prince’s head down, a wyvern fled near us and back to the sky.

The monsters were chasing humans that couldn’t escape and they enjoyed their hunt.

We came to hunt, but we became the ones who are hunted.

It was such an irony.

Since commotion had already happened, it was enough to be heard from deep in the forest, but it might still take long until the knights returned.

Still, I thought if all the forces returned here, it might be possible to push back the wyvern group.

“If we keep buying some time like this, then we will .



When I raised my head a bit to check on the situation in the vacant lot, I met someone’s eyes.

Rachel Kubrick, who wore a cumbersome dress and was staggering while being chased, looked me in the eye.

Her pupils were dilated widely out of fear.

All of sudden, she clenched her teeth with an unfathomable thought, and began running to our direction.

All while luring a wyvern with the most huge body inside the hole where we hide.

I then quickly grabbed the prince’s arm.

“Your Highness, run.”

Along with the prince who was helplessly pulled by me, I ran inside a slightly dark area of the forest.

“Young Lady Kubrick is .



Hearing the prince’s mutter when he saw her hide her body inside the small hole we used before, I coldly turned my head.

“It is no use.”

A piercing scream was heard from behind.

From the moment we began to run, I  had already seen scarlet blood gushed from her arm.

There was nothing easier for monsters to track than the gushing blood from the injured prey.

“Don’t look at it.”




We moved until we couldn’t hear the scream for whatever reason it was and the sound of something was being pulled out.

Then, when I looked up, we were already deep inside the forest.

I didn’t see the wyverns anymore, but instead, the faint cry of unknown beasts made my spine chills.

* * *

As the forest’s fog gradually thickened, those who entered deep in the forest for hunting sensed uneasiness.

The start was the small animals.

“How strange.”

Bayhan nodded to the knight.

Today in particular, they couldn’t see prey inside the forest.

They had already entered deep enough.

Usually, they should have finished the hunt on a more superficial area of the forest.

“If this goes wrong, it would be hard for us to even catch a rabbit.”

Not only the scaredy animals, even wolves, that were wild animals were also in high guard.

“The hunt isn’t the problem now.

We should go back.”

It was not only the Blue Knight Order that entered deep into the forest.

Knights from other families were also wandering in search of prey with empty bags on their horses.

“I think it’s rational to go back.”

They entered deep where presence was rare to find.

As vast as the forest was, it wasn’t easy to find the way again.

The one who stood on the vanguard called the knights with a horn.

Several people appeared from behind the lush bushes.

“I think we should go back.

I don’t feel-”

Before Count Coogan could finish, a human’s scream from a very far place was heard.

There wasn’t only one.

The screams that rang sequentially, continued high and long.

The screams of women who were waiting, not from people who were hunting, led everyone’s faces to stiffened.

Orion was the first one to change his direction.

“I will take the lead.”

“We’ve come too deep! It’s hard to make the horses-”

The moment Count Coogan was telling him to be careful, the blonde gentleman familiarly held something that was put in the horse.

The long and big, sparkling something began to cut through thick vegetation before eyes without hindrance.

Every time the hook shaped blade at the end of the long handle moved, tough vines were cut like paper.

Everyone was speechless by the weapon that quickly and accurately cut down the tightly intertwined stems, and Orion’s figure, who was holding that thing with one hand as he beat the forest.

As expected of Young Duke Miller!

Those who were appreciating his brave and reliable figure whispered.

“I am surprised.”

“What is it he was holding It isn’t a sword.”

“Is it a new destructive weapon”

Everyone was buzzing.

The sharp blade of the sickle he was holding was permeated with aura.

Bayhan Rune, who was quickly following from behind, answered their curiosity instead.

“It is a sickle.”


That’s it.

It’s a sickle!”


“Sickle .



As if they finally understood, everyone slapped their knees and nodded, but soon exchanged bewildered gazes.

What sickle

Is it that sickle I know

Of course, it was that sickle.

While holding the sickle gifted by Marianne, Orion easily took care of the thick forest and went out.

Along with the blue knight order of Miller duchy following him, the knight from the Brigo Family, who roamed the forest without hesitation on the snorting horses, assisted Orion in the lead.

The older brother who was busy worrying about his little sister’s safety sliced the forest with the sickle and charged towards the sounds’ direction.

It was the moment when the legend of the sickle knight began.


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