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“The monsters may not have easily retreated.”

“Well, their numbers were not small and they are very aggressive.”

Although they were wyvern that moved in a group, it was rare for them to hunt in a group like this.

This was also the first time for so many monsters to appear in the area near the capital.

“If the knights rejoin, perhaps there’ll be no problem.”

The prince nodded his head.

There was a limit to prevent the temperature from going down by sitting face-to-face.

Judging by the prince’s complexion gradually turning white, it would be hard for us to hold on long.

“It will become colder at night, for now let’s-”

I was about to say let’s find some things that could make fire.

Suddenly, the sound that sounded deep inside the cave, which was considered the sound of the wind, rang higher.

Then, there was a series of high friction scratching the walls.


As I brought and took my finger on the prince’s lips when he was about to say something, he closed his lips.

The echo from inside the cave turned worse.

When I felt a vague quake on the floor, my body hardened out of nervousness.

Was this cave with an owner

I was careless because the trace of the entrance being used was old.

If this was a naturally formed cave, then it wouldn’t be strange for it to have not only one but numerous entrances.

Even more if it’s a cave created over the years.

“We have to get out.”

The beasts outside were also dangerous, but it was better than facing an unknown thing while being unable to escape inside this cave.


The moment we held hands and was about to exit the cave, I saw a big green front leg from the distance.

“Ma-mantis .



The prince unconsciously shouted the monster’s name and closed his mouth back.

Since it had already smelled humans, there was no use even if he blocked his voice.

The big bulging eyes looked in our direction.

The moment the giant green body like a mantis showed up half, the sound of the insect’s wing numbed my ears.

“Young Lady, I.”

The prince quietly whispered.

“I think wyverns are better.”

The thorn-like hairs in its front leg entered my sight.

We had stepped back and hid our body as possibly inside the bush, but since the sense of smell owned by insects and monsters was top notch, there was no way this kind of trick would work.

“Run for now.

With the wind against your back.”

After letting off the prince’s hand, I began to run as fast as possible.

The only advantage we had in dealing with a monster of that size was that the monster couldn’t fly freely.





The long folded front leg stamped the soil in front of me.




When I turned back and met the monster’s eyes, although it was only for a moment, the monster’s movement, which was about to stamp on me, stopped.

Then, I heard someone’s faint voice.


The power of the fire that appeared at the short incantation was powerful.

The giant insect monster was burned without being able to let out a proper scream inside the glimmering fire.

Behind the body of the burnt monster stood someone wearing a familiar robe.


At the same time I called his name, the robe he was wearing was pulled back by a strong wind.

Blurry eyes were revealed without focus.

Zen’s condition was not normal at first glance, with cold sweat all over his face.


The expressionless face contorted.

Perhaps because of a headache, he knelt down half way and leaned forward.


I called out his name once again, but there was no answer.

“Zenin Arcadia.”

Focus returned slowly to his eyes.

Then, it sparkled fiercely.

“From the start.”

The hoarse voice cracked horribly.

“I told you! You don’t have to play the lame young lady role! And you’re the one who said that you would stay behind!”




“Why are you being swept away by a family game that doesn’t seem long anyway”

The mana that overflowed because he couldn’t calm down his anger withered down the plants near him.

I couldn’t tell whether his distorted face was because of his anger towards me or pain.

“You’re the one who said that someone with low status and has nothing will be the first to get attacked if they become known.

You’re also the one who asked me to stay low until we get enough things on our hands!”




I looked around in case someone came closer due to the noise, but fortunately, there was no sign of anyone coming.

I reached out to comfort him.

He, who glared at me and didn’t move even an inch, put his hand on his temporal and swayed.


Red rune patterns covered his whole body, and repeatedly darkened and faded.

While looking at me, he bit his lips and stepped closer.

Step by step on the ground where the heat hadn’t gone away.

It felt like watching a slow motion.

He, who came closer to me, buried his head on my nape as if that was the natural thing to do.


He was more like a fireball than me, who spent time wandering through the forest wet.

“You’re sick, huh.”

So that’s why you didn’t answer my call, huh.


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