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Looking down at Zen’s angel-like face, I reached out and touched his forehead.

I felt his temperature was more lukewarm compared to before.

His skin that was still glimmering with red light also looked more calm.

This was heartbreaking as I knew that every time he had mana shock, it was accompanied with an unimaginable pain.

Coming here with this kind of condition was suicide.

“I have to give you a good scolding to never do this reckless thing ever again, though.”

However, since the first person I searched for when something happened was Zen, I had nothing to say.

My heart dropped just because I couldn’t reach him, and the moment I saw him dealing with the mantis, I was so happy that I almost ran and hugged him.

“It seems like I lean on you more than I thought.”

I realized it again.

Whenever something big happened, I could stay calm because this reliable guy always had my back.

I leaned down my head a bit and whispered.

“Thank you for coming.”

As I touched his still red earlobe, I felt his body flinch.

Will he wake up soon

It was a bit disappointing.

It was rare to see Zen so defenseless like this, so it would be good if he stayed calm more.

Wistfully, I took my hand off his earlobe then reached out to fix his wet and sticky forelock.

At that time, Zen’s hand caught my hand that was reaching out to his forehead.

“You woke up”

“What is this”

Zen grimaced and quickly pushed the young prince who was clinging next to him.

The prince, who was suddenly pushed out of Zen, who shared body temperature with him, curled his body because of the cold.

I patted the prince’s back as he was whining in his sleep, and I shook my head to Zen.

Then, I soothed the prince, who was shivering because of the sudden cold, with my patting.

“You can’t do that.

After all, this prince .



It’s a bit weird to say that he wiped your body thoroughly, right

Based on Zen’s personality, rather than saying thank you, he would surely show that he felt disgusted by that.

“Anyway, he helped you.”

“I never asked for help.

And I don’t need help from this kid.”

“I will spread a rumor that your personality is broken if you keep like that.”

Zen stared intently at me while asking me with a low voice.

“Where will you spread the rumor anyway There’s no one who knows me.”




I was completely speechless at the unexpected counterattack.

He glanced at me, then soon wore the top that was neatly folded next to him without saying anything.

“How did you get here I couldn’t reach you when I tried to call you.”

“I was already here.”

“In this forest”


He answered calmly.

If he had been wandering around here even before the hunting competition, it was understandable that he could quickly come into the forest and find us when a group of monsters attacked people.

It was incredible of him to find us when it must be inconvenient for him to move because of his unstable mana.

Looking at the guy, who was putting on his clothes without making eye contact, I recalled the words he shouted convulsively.

“You must be very angry, right, Zen”

The guy’s green eyes looked at me.

His eyes were fader after his mana that raged in a large scene had subsided.

As his rage subsided, the tension became even thicker.

I spoke to the guy who was silent.

“This time, I tried to call you before something bad happened.

Believe me.”




“About the last time.”

His expression was still hard, but I could see that he was listening to me.

“I think I was a little flustered.”

Even if I returned back to that time, I would have hesitated to bring Zen there.

I was careless because I never thought that the dean and professors of the academy would make up the conclusion and quickly end the situation.

I thought I could turn the situation over if there was fairness or an opportunity for me to explain in that process.

I was hit by their pace, shoving ridiculous charges on me and even dumped me right there so that I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Still, it was an extremely rational judgment to call Orion.

“Mom is my family, and they are people that Mom accepted as her family, so I can’t live ignoring them.”

If I ranked my precious things, my priority was clear.

“I’m here.

I’m not moving away at all.”




“I will stay next to you.”

At some point, I put my hand over Zen’s which was trembling as if he had been anxious.

The groans that he suppressed as if he was trying to not recall old memories escaped his lips.

Although it wasn’t intentional, it was like showing another nightmare to the person who lost something precious in front of his eyes.

There was no doubt he would have stayed up for a few days without sleeping.

“I won’t go anywhere.

I’ll stay here.”

The guy who closed his eyes at my patting collected his breath.

Then, he looked around, and he brought his hand to the air.

Realizing what he was trying to do, I quickly shook my head.

“Don’t do it.”

“It’s for protec-”

He was in a condition where the mana shock had barely subsided.

The high-level magic he used to take care of the monster, he used it without using a proper incantation.

It was clear a problem would arise if he used magic again in this kind of situation.

As evidence, the face of the guy who was trying to control his mana turned pale again.

“Zen, stop it now.”

Looking at him moving his mouth with a distorted face as if the pain was severe, I took my shovel from the prince’s arms and struck the back of his neck with the handle part.

Thanks to the strong handle, Zen fainted at once and fell lightly into my arms.


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