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It must be quite a big injury, unlike the small wound on his palm, but if it couldn’t be seen by the priest, then there must be a reason.

When I stared intently at him, Orion cluelessly smiled.


Before I could ask him to quickly go home because I was worried about his situation, I heard the sound of knights coming closer rushly.

They were the guarding knights that arrived to protect the second prince.

I saw the prince step down from the carriage.

The light on the prince’s eyes after he returned back to a safe place turned dim again.

The gaze that looked like he was being uncomfortable and had nothing to do, roamed on the air like a lost child.

The moment our gazes met, his eyes were fixed on me.

Following his gaze that stared intently at me, the guarding knights also flusteredly looked at me.



“Looking at how the prince is looking ardently at you.”

While touching his chin with a serious expression, Orion looked at me and the prince in turn.

Then, he opened his mouth after being silent for a moment.

“This is very worrying.

I think he is excessively interested in you.”




While I stunned silence at that nonsense, the blue knights that were standing behind Orion nodded their heads.

I could feel the knights of the other families whispering.

The guarding knights also stared blankly at me.

“Well, it’s no wonder since he spent some time with you.”

“Stop saying nonsense and quickly take the horses.”

Looking that there was no horse tied to the carriage, it seemed like the Brigo Family still hadn’t returned them back.

And fortunately, it seemed like Young Lady Liz, who was standing in front of the carriage with a pale face, was also safe.

While I changed my wrecked dress, Orion, who left for a moment, returned.

The horses that had run around the forest to their heart’s content, obediently stood before our carriage.

It seems like they are very happy.

Those guys, who always snorted fiercely, looked innocent.

When I reached out, I touched the horses that lowered their heads and asked.

“Are we going home now”

“After greeting the emperor.”

With the short answer, Orion gazed somewhere.

I saw the other imperial families welcoming the prince.

“I see you are safe.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The voice of the emperor, who patted his young son’s shoulder, was gentle, but I heard it differently since I had heard the situation.

“I’m glad you’re returned.”

The emperor’s eyes that flashed a warm gaze were askew avoiding the second prince’s eyes.

His gaze, which oddly falling out of his young son’s gaze, was telling something.

He gave up on him, didn’t he

Since Orion took the lead, it was natural for the blue knight order to follow behind him, but even after wyverns had been taken care of, the black knight order didn’t join the search.

It meant that they weren’t really earnest in looking for the prince’s whereabouts.

From the moment they regained the situation safely, even until Orion found the prince.

The young duke of the Bolton Family, who was kneeling down, spoke in a plain voice.

“It was my fault that we lost you, Your Highness.”




“I ask for your punishment, Your Highness.”

Unlike his plain face that showed no emotion, his loyalty filled words raised a bizarre sense.

The emperor stared at the prince gently without saying anything.

The young prince bit his lips for a moment, but soon he spoke as if giving up.

“You only did the right thing you must do.

How could I be unaware of your loyalty to protect His Majesty’s safety.”

Orion came closer to the emperor who lightly nodded his head.

Noticing Orion, the emperor looked at him and I with an obviously tired face.

I grabbed my skirt and bent my knee.

“Your Majesty.”

“You went through a lot of hardships, too, Young Lady.”

“Forgive me for being unable to protect the prince properly.

I should have protected him more safely, but my ability is lacking.”

“It is fortunate enough that he returned safely like this.”

He spoke in a bitter tone, and threw his gaze at the bodies that were being recovered.

Next to them, there were sounds of people crying sadly.

“The tragedy that happened in the hunting ground is due to me, who prepared carelessly.

I never expected the monsters would appear in the capital.”

“I’ve sent a letter to the Duke, so he will return soon, Your Majesty.”

The emperor’s expression relaxed smoothly.

It was obvious ‘the Duke’ he meant must be Duke Bolton.

I stared at the prince, who was standing awkwardly next to the emperor while looking down.

Just like a foreign object between the loud cry, the fishy blood smell, and even between people.

There was no one who cared about the prince, who was blankly standing in his place.

His Majesty turned his head and praised Orion with a smiling face.

“The performance of the blue knight order was brilliant today.

I think I heard Young Duke Miller’s level has gone up again.”

“You flatter me, Your Majesty.”

His gaze lingered on the sickle attached to Orion for a moment.

“Your new item played a big part.

When this has been settled, I’ll give you a proper reward.”

Everyone turned their gaze not to the sword on Orion’s waist but to the sickle.

It was surprising that he was rewarded for skilfully using the sickle, but it was strange that the gaze of some knights were imbued with admiration and envy.

Should I criticize Orion, who put the sickle on his waist, or should I criticize the knights who respected that sickle

Both were hard to understand.

I didn’t know what happened, but the nobles’ gaze to the sickle was odd.

Their gazes were as greedy as if looking at the legendary sword excalibur.

No way.

No matter how greedy the nobles were, there was no way they would desire a sickle that merely cuts grass.


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