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The doctor meant to say that Yelena had healed twice as fast as the ordinary person.

Yelena looked down at her hand in wonder.

There was no reason for her recovery ability to be far superior than others’.

‘The cut must have been shallower than what the doctor thought.’

Doctors didn’t always give accurate opinions.

This doctor may have overestimated the severity of her wound.

At the same time Yelena’s wound healed, the three knights were also able to move around again.

They weren’t fully recovered, but moving in moderation was fine.

Yelena’s husband was worried about leaving the ducal castle empty for too long, so as soon as the knights were able to move, Yelena prepared to return to the dukedom with them.

“Bye, Yelena.

Visit us often.”


Stay healthy.”

Yelena and Liliana hugged for a long time.

Count Sorte, Edward, the butler, and head maid were all outside to see Yelena off.

After saying goodbye to each person, Yelena held Kaywhin’s hand and stepped inside Sidrion’s magic seal.

‘Liliana is still looking this way.’

Yelena discovered Liliana was still watching her when she turned around.

She felt fuzzy on the inside and waved her hand.

Then, she felt something strange.


Oddly enough, Liliana’s gaze was tilted away from her.

She wasn’t watching Yelena.

Yelena turned her head to follow Liliana’s gaze.

She blinked.

‘Black Tower Owner’

She busily looked between Liliana and Sidrion, bewildered.

“What’s wrong“

“… No, it’s nothing.“

“Then, we’ll get going.”

A light flashed inside the seal’s motif.

She kept looking between Sidrion and Liliana with a confused look until the light completely blocked her sight.

‘…I probably have the wrong idea.’

Several people were standing inside the tight circle.

Liliana could have been looking at one of the knights, not Sidrion.

And even if she had been looking at Sidrion, that didn’t particularly mean anything.


Soon after, the scenery in front of Yelena changed from the countdom in the capital to the ducal castle in the fief.

The castle had received word of their arrival early this morning, so Ben and the other servants were already waiting outside.


“Master, Madam.

Welcome back.”

Yelena smiled, her confusion regarding Sidrion and Liliana long forgotten.

She was back.

She had exchanged farewells with her family, but she felt like she had returned home, rather than left it.

“Let’s go in,” Yelena said, still holding her husband’s hand tightly.


“Liliana,” Edward called his older sister, who happened to be passing by as he was looking out the window.


“Yelena will be okay, right”

Edward’s arms rested on the ledge, his chin propped up by both hands.

Liliana scowled, as if offended by her younger brother’s sentimental look and watery eyes.


“Come to think of it, Yelena’s marriage was so sudden that it didn’t feel real.

It’s only really sinking in now that she’s the duchess…”

“What’s his deal” Liliana left, not wanting to hear any more of Edward’s sentimental musings.

Edward continued staring out the window with watery eyes, irregardent of whether Liliana stayed or left.

Then, his eyes suddenly lit up.


Edward finally left his place by the window and hastily ran down the stairs and dashed outside.

He happily pulled a man who was getting out of a carriage in for a hug.



“I saw the carriage’s emblem but still had my doubts… Just when did you get back”

Edward let the man go after hugging him tightly.

The young man was around Edward’s height.

He answered in a clear voice.

“I just got back today.

I didn’t say anything because I wanted to surprise you.

Did it work”

“Yeah, big time.

To be honest, I feel like I’m hallucinating.”

“Haha,” the man laughed.

The man’s fierce eyes crinkled, giving him a gentle look.

“It was worth it, then.

Is the rest of your family inside”

“Yeah, my father and older sister are here.

They’ll be surprised and happy to see you, just like me.”

“What about Yelena”

“Yelena is…” Edward, who had been rambling eagerly, hesitated.

“She, ahem.

She isn’t here at the moment…”

“Did she go on an excursion”

“No, it’s not that…”


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