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C459: Demon Awakening / Cruz

It’s flashy only in appearance, and not much else, after all.

No matter how strong its armor is, if I continue to attack, it will eventually be destroyed.

Once this golden magicraft is defeated, the only remaining threat will be the flying magicraft.

Victory was already in sight.

Just when I was convinced of this, Dominion seemed to have detected some kind of reaction, and a warning sounded.

“What is it What happened”

The same thing seems to have happened in Reina’s Aphrodite, and she informs me via communication.

“Cruz, it seems that Aphrodite has detected an abnormal reaction and the management program is alerting me…….I believe this was one of the approval processes for Demon Awakening, wasn’t it”

I had heard that the Ten War Gods magicrafts have a function to detect danger in order to detect opponents of overwhelming strength and to warn us of unwinnable battles.

I didn’t know what it was reacting to but that question was quickly answered by the changes that have occurred in the golden magicraft.

The SS magicraft that was attacking the golden magicraft was obliterated.

In fact, it was destroyed into pieces and blown away, but it appeared to have vanished.

Furthermore, the golden magicraft moved at a speed that I had never seen before.

While we were surprised and stunned by its speed, the SS machines were destroyed one after another.

Finally, Reyna moved and attacked with her large scythe that did not resemble Aphrodite’s slim fuselage but the golden magicraft easily avoided the attack.

Furthermore, it unconsciously caught my attack, which I unleashed at the same time as Aphrodite moved.

Oh no! I thought so, but it was too late.

Aphrodite was kicked and blown backward, and Dominion was struck by the shield and rolled to the ground.

“No way! What’s happening”

Reina replies to my surprise.

“Damn……there is only one possibility in this situation……this golden magicraft can also use magic awakening.

It was hard to believe, but it seemed like Reina was right.

The change of the golden magicraft is very similar to the contents of demon awakening that Rafishal had told me about.

What are you going to do, Commander Cruz……if we don’t do something about it, we’ll both be defeated.”

It’s true that we have a chance against a magicraft that used awakening but the price of using demon awakening made the decision difficult.

[The magical awakening is triggered by eating the rider’s lifespan.]

Rafishal’s face was slightly smiling as he said this.

Eating a rider’s lifespan means cutting off his precious life.

It is not something to be explained with a laugh, even if it is someone else’s problem.

I was angry and protested against the lifespan-eating system but Rafishal laughed even harder and said.

[Isn’t it far better to win and live, even if it costs you your lifespan, than to be killed on the spot by an opponent stronger than you]

That’s a fair point and I easily agreed that if I had the right to choose whether or not to use it, I would be fine with it.


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