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C461: Dangerous Reaction / Cruz


Dominion is blown up and knocked to the ground.

Although the impact was strong the magicraft was not damaged.

Is this the power that I gained in exchange for great risks that Rafishal talked about Does this mean that the golden magicraft is that powerful…..

Seeing an opening after the attack of Dominion, Aphrodite moves behind the golden magicraft and attacks it with her scythe, aiming at its ankle.

The golden magicraft leapt and dodged the attack but Reina anticipated it and the moment it leapt she released the magic shot she had prepared.

The black round mass that appeared in front of Aphrodite’s eyes hits the golden magicraft.

The attack seemed to be quite powerful, but it still did not wreck the golden magicraft.

I was unwilling to go on the offensive with Reina’s attack, but it would have been a waste to stand still so I moved towards the golden magicraft.

The true value of Dominion is demonstrated only in the sky so I took off into the sky again, and while making a sharp turn, I aimed and fired a high-intensity magic shot.

From the tip of the spear, which was poised at the ready, several spears of light were released and rained down on the golden magicraft.

Since Aphrodite’s attack stopped its movement, it had no way to avoid them so all the spears of light hit the golden magicraft.

I was sure it couldn’t withstand our attacks but to my dismay, the golden magicraft was still alive and well.

I think it was weakened a bit, but I don’t see any damage.

“It’s really tenacious! Reina! Let’s finish it off with a simultaneous all-out attack!”

“I understand!”

Reina and I concentrated our Ludia to the utmost limit.

Even the golden magicraft should be destroyed if it gets hit by our two ultimate attacks simultaneously.

But then the warning beep sounded again.

I was startled by the sudden sound, and then, thinking calmly, I was astonished.

Now, Dominion and I have increased our combat power many times over with the demon awakening……even though in terms of Ludia value it has risen to over a million……but Dominion still sensed the danger…..

This danger means that an existence far beyond the current Dominion’s power is approaching.

I was astonished to realize it, but thinking calmly, there is no such existence.

Perhaps the sensors had miscalculated due to the fierce battle.

When I came to that conclusion and decided to ignore the alarm, I received a powerful shock.

I was confused by the suddenness of the event because there was no enemy approaching, the……gold-colored magic machine was on the defensive and showed no signs of attacking.

In reality, however, Dominion was being attacked by someone.

Dominion was held down by a powerful force and jostled around.

Unable to move and to resist, it was finally left in a defenseless state and crashed.

When Dominion hit the ground I felt a powerful shock and saw who knocked me down.

It was a flying white magicraft and possibly the one that destroyed the Flying Dragon Division.

The white magicraft held Dominion down with unbelievable power, and, not surprisingly, ripped off one of the beautiful angel’s wings.


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