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Chapter 100: It Wasnt Going to Be That Easy to Take Advantage of Her

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“Since she snatched my gown, what am I going to wear tonight”

“Since you sisters are about the same size, you can wear the gown on Ziling so we dont have to go out and waste money on buying a new gown.

After all, gowns are only worn once.”

“Mom, you truly are a cheapskate!”

Her mother hadnt changed from the stinginess, greediness, pettiness, and opportunism shed brought with her from the countryside 20 years ago.

It was as if she wasnt concerned with others seeing how uncouth she was.

“What are you saying Im doing this for the sake of this family, for your sake too.

You think you wont need money to get an education This gown is worth more than 1,000 yuan.

Do you think thats cheap You just came back from the countryside, so for you a gown that costs more than 1,000 yuan is already a sky-high price.

What more could you want”

For a scourge like her, even a 1,000-yuan gown was too good.

She wasnt even willing to let her wear such expensive clothes.

“Youre willing to buy a 1,000-yuan gown that will only be worn one time for Yun Ziling, but for me that would be a waste of money.

It seems like I really am a superfluous daughter.”

Sneering, Yun Xi appeared indifferent to her mothers insults.

“But it doesnt matter anyway since Im a scourge, so everything is the same no matter what I wear.”

“Its fortunate that you think this way! Dont think too much about stuff that doesnt belong to you.”

Liang Xiuqin had a self-righteous look on her face.

Yun Xi had saved her a lot of unnecessary speech by being so self-aware.

“Arent you worried that second sister will get jinxed from wearing my clothes”

The dress had been for her, so, of course, she didnt want to relent or let others snatch it away from her.

However, since it had been snatched from her, then they shouldnt blame her for trying to seek justice for herself and ridicule her mother at the same time.

Since Yun Ziling was so anxious to dig her own grave, shed grant her wish and play along with her tonight.

“How can it be jinxed when youve never even worn it before Its decided then, make yourself presentable and dont bring shame to our family.”

Liang Xinyi took advantage of Liang Xiuqins disgusting treatment and joined on the bandwagon of belittling Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, sister Ziling is better-looking than you, so she is better suited for this gown.

You wouldnt look good in the gown, so dont go out and embarrass our family.

Just give her the gown.”

Yun Xi glanced at her coldly, and the corners of her mouth curled up in derision.


Since my second sister likes it, Ill let her wear it.”

After a pause, she raised her eyebrows and walked over to Yun Ziling.

She found the label was still attached to Yun Zilings gown.

“However, Yun Ziling has worn this gown already, so I dont want it.”

Upon hearing that shed not only acquiesced, but also didnt want the other gown, Yun Ziling thought shed suddenly gained two gowns at once and believed shed gotten a bargain.

Just as she was rejoicing, Yun Xi unexpectedly chimed in again.

“Mom, just reimburse me the money for the gown in cash.

Or else, I wont have a gown to wear, and I wont give up the gown that someone else gave me.

After all, this is Ling Jings design.

A haute couture gown costs exorbitantly, and who knows how many times more expensive it was than the gown you bought.

Even if you wanted to buy it, you might not be able to.”

It wasnt going to be that easy to take advantage of her.

She takes in everything except suffering.

Liang Xiuqins face immediately darkened.

“Its all right if you dont want the gown, but you want me to reimburse you in cash Why should I”

Liang Xiuqin had already bled a lot of money today.

She was willing to exchange the cheap gown on Yun Ziling for Yun Xis more expensive and presentable gown.

But she didnt expect that Yun Xi, that wretched girl, wouldnt want it and wanted her to pull out her wallet.

“I cant help it, because I wont wear clothes that other people have worn.

If mother is too stingy to give me this meager amount of money, then youll have to personally spend even more money to get designer Ling Jing to design a dress for second sister, since she likes it.

This gown is mine, and since I dont have any money, naturally I can only use the gown someone else sent me.”

“Mom!” After obtaining such a treasure, naturally Yun Ziling wouldnt let it go, and she tugged at Liang Xiuqins arm.

“If sister wants money, just give her money.

I can wear this gown to the next banquet anyway.

I didnt want to give it to her even if she wanted it anyway.

Just treat it as if youd spent 1,000 yuan on Ling Jings gown, because we are totally the ones who got a bargain, all right”

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