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Chapter 1003: Dangerous Activities

Everyone was working at top speed.

They were in a hurry, and no one dared to delay for a moment.

“Feng Rui, contact the biochemical department and ask them to send a batch of protective clothing immediately just in case.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Qi Yuan, get Jin Lei to send two special forces teams to Tianyu Mountain right away.”

“Yes, sir!”

As soon as he finished giving out the orders, Mu Feichi took out his mobile phone and called Li Zilan.

“Come on up to Tianyu Mountain.

This is a Grade B mission.”

Yun Xi stared at Mu Feichi, who was giving orders.

The atmosphere in the living room had never been as tense as it was right now.

“Young Commander, I found it!” Grey Wolf connected to Yun Xis laptop and sent the information to her so he could view it.

“There was a vehicle loaded with experimental supplies on its way to a medical laboratory in a southern city that went missing.

The vehicle overturned with the driver inside and fell to the bottom of a cliff.

However, the people sent to recover what was in the vehicle did not find the test supplies in the truck.

Only a destroyed vehicle frame was left behind.”

Mu Feichi frowned as he looked at the photos taken at the scene with a thoughtful look.

“Clearly, this was a planned heist.”

Yun Xi sat down abruptly and turned to look at Grey Wolf.

“Show me the list of the experimental supplies that were in the vehicle.

I want to know what the other party has taken away.”

“All right!” Grey Wolf quickly pulled up a list of experimental supplies and sent it to her.

Yun Xi studied the chemicals on the list.

The more she looked, the more shocked she became.

“Look at this, Young Commander.

These chemicals can develop a virus similar to Lassa fever.

This virus is a single-stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus belonging to the Arenaviridae family.

Lassa fever is known to exist in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and parts of Nigeria, but may also be present in other West African countries.

Lassa fever was first discovered in the 1950s and is a zoonotic disease, which means that humans get infected through contact with animals.

The animal host of the Lassa virus is a rodent of the genus Mastomys.”

After a pause, she blurted out the rest of the knowledge she had just found out, “Although this kind of virus is rampant in West African countries, it is not present in our country yet.

However, we cannot deny the possibility of the virus being man-made.

If one follows its formula and researches the same infection intensity virus, they could use the biological weapons to wage biochemical warfare.

This kind of virus spreads extremely fast, and it can be transmitted from person to person through direct contact with a patient or contact with the patients contaminated blood or body fluids.

It is nearly impossible to prevent! After the initial outbreak of the Lassa fever virus, scientists had developed antibodies and Lassa fever virus antigens.

But if they enhance the virus or even produce a similar virus source, then the real Lassa fever antibodies will have no effect.

Once the virus is created, the people behind this could also produce antigens and antibodies and sell them to countries at war.

This would be an extremely lucrative operation.”

Everyone knew what this meant.

Biological warfare had long been illegal throughout the world, and this practice no longer existed due to international prohibitions.

Regardless, there were still people who intended to use such despicable means to make a fortune from warfare.

They even went to the extent of conducting experiments on living people.

It was simply unforgivable.

Mu Feichi realized that this was not a simple kidnapping case, but it involved biochemical drug production.

There was no way to solve it privately.

He would have to call on the highest levels of the Presidents Office to seek further instructions.

Although it was yet to be determined whether a virus was being developed, no one dared to take this matter lightly.

After Si Jingting received Mu Feichis call, he did not dare to ignore the situation.

He issued a direct order from the highest level, summoning all departments to cooperate with Mu Feichi to eliminate the hidden dangers and prevent such biological weapons from falling into the hands of those who wanted to exploit them.

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