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Chapter 1006: Till Death Do Us Part

What a great expression: to sacrifice ones life for ones country, perhaps never knowing ones final resting place.

He could never have imagined that his conviction, which required a lifetimes devotion, would become her faith also.

“As I could only expect of the woman whom I, Mu Feichi, have fallen in love with… If you have no regrets, I will be by your side, till death do us part!”

Unable to contain his excitement, Mu Feichi reached out and grasped her neck and pressed his head down to claim her lips with a ravenous kiss.

“…” The phrase “I will be by your side, till death do us part!” landed a direct blow on Yun Xis heart.

Lying on the ground feeling baffled, she blushed from head to toe, feeling moved but also awkward.

Thankfully, there was no moon and it was pitch dark so no one would notice her predicament at the moment.

What the h*ll! Is he not aware that they were surrounded by a small group of his special forces team members

More important, Grey Wolf is sitting behind the tree right next to her.

She wished he could be more aware of their situation.

Where is the dignity of your position as the Young Commander What happened to the noble, cool, and arrogant Young Commander

“Come on! Lets head down.

Watch your steps, everyone.”

Mu Feichi instructed the team with the headset and flicked Yun Xis nose, “Especially you, you should be the most careful!”

Yun Xi nodded.

When it came to her own safety, she certainly would not take it for granted.

The group slowly descended down the mountain pass in the dark.

With Li Zilan on the higher ground fighting off any enemies who might discover them, no one had any qualms.

Moving with skill and agility, like panthers through the night, taking the initiative silently.

With the help of a periscope and a good hiding spot, Li Zilan kept an eye on every movement within the mountain pass and reported the location of each enemy to Mu Feichi.

“Five houses, a total of six armed men on either side of the door… Ill take care of the two innermost ones for you, leaving four…”

Crouched in the bushes, Yun Xi looked at the two patrolling in front of her with dark subdued eyes, “I will deal with the middle two.”

Mu Feichi looked at the two closest to him and lightly crooked his lips into a smile.

“The rest are mine.”

The three of them worked together in perfect sync.

Just as Li Zilan finished the last one, that person simultaneously fired a shot overhead as he was shot.

Just a shot, but a resounding loud sound that instantly alarmed the people in the houses with zinc roofs.

Li Zilan cursed under her breath.

Mu Fei Chi frowned and ordered Li Zilan, “Guard your vantage point! Everyone else, break out with me!”

“Group A, youre in charge of the left side.

Group B, youre in charge of the right side.

Yun Xi and I will deal with the middle.”

The task was quickly distributed, and the team fired quickly as the people inside the house rushed out.

Crisp gunfire rang out in the darkness, as the people inside all the shelters rushed out.

However, one of the structures in the middle did not show the slightest movement.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi exchanged glances.

Then the two of them bypassed the houses on the left and right and rushed toward the house in the middle.

At that very moment, there was a gunshot from the other side of the mountain.

The two did not delay.

While the A group and the B group held the fire on both sides, they rushed to the innermost house.

The house had no lights on.

Mu Feichi nodded to Yun Xi and gestured, and she covered his rear while he went inside.

Groping for the lock, he quickly threw a flash bomb inside.

The light flashed and illuminated the whole house at the same time.

Two gunshots suddenly came from inside the house.

Mu Feichi quickly dodged one shot, but the other grazed his arm.

Yun Xi watched as the bullet grazed Mu Feichis arm and reacted instinctively.

At the same time as the light was extinguished, before the other side could fire a second shot, she determined the other sides position and fired a shot.

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