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Chapter 1007: His Little Vixen Is Really Something

With Mu Feichi injured, Yun Xi couldnt have cared less about the people in the house.

She supported him to a place where he could hide behind a barrier.

“Go and save them now.” Mu Feichi clutched his arm, soothingly squeezing the back of her hand.

“Its just a scratch, Im fine! Save the people first!”

“All right!” At a time like this when there was no room for consideration, Yun Xi did not insist.

She picked up her gun, checked the bullets, and quickly stood up.

“Be careful, make sure to check if there are still any enemies left in there before you enter.”

Yun Xi nodded and threw the flash bomb shed brought into the house, while she stood by the only window.

The moment the flash bomb went off, she quickly determined the situation in the house, crawled to the door, and pushed it open with the muzzle of her gun.

Just as the people on the other side of the door heard the sound and stared intently at the door, thinking she would come in through there, Yun Xi crept back to the window.

Looking through the window into the house and adjusting her guns position, she fired a shot at the position where she had just determined one of the enemy lay.

With a BANG!, the sound of a person being struck by a bullet and collapsing came from within the house.

In the absence of any light, relying only on the flash bomb to determine peoples positions, it is fairly easy to make mistakes about the locations of people and things.

Any subtle deviation could cause a shot fired to miss its target, and yet she had accurately eliminated her opponent in the dark.

Whether it was her marksmanship or the calmness of her mind, it made Mu Feichi narrow his eyes with a sense of pride.

To be able to react so quickly despite his injuries, his little vixen is really something, both smart and perceptive.

After eliminating the last enemy, Yun Xi entered the house and touched the wall to quickly find the button to turn on the lights.

Only after the lights had been turned on did she see the people who had fallen to the ground and their opponents who had been shot down.

Seeing her enter, the restrained Feng Yang struggled.

Yun Xi hurried over and untied the ropes on his hands and removed the tape from his mouth.

“Luckily you were quick to react and got all of them, otherwise it wouldnt have been easy to kill the people standing behind you.”

Once again rescued by Yun Xi, Feng Yang didnt seem as happy as he should be.

His face was grim as he stood up and helped untie the others.

“What on earth is going on How did you guys get tied up too”

Yun Xi looked at the man who helped them untie the ropes.

Only a few of them had been locked up in the house.

How about the other people who had been recruited to come work up on the mountain

“Theres no time for explanations at the moment.

We have to hurry to the other side.

This is just a temporary post for them.

The other place has imprisoned a lot of people.

They are conducting biochemical experiments on living people.”

His words confirmed Yun Xi and Mu Feichis speculations.

Yun Xi turned to look at him and asked, “What is the location Are you sure”

Just as he spoke, a round of gunfire suddenly sounded from the other side of the mountain pass.

Then it got quieter.

“Its probably fine.

Lets go!” Feng Yang came out of the house with his men, Yun Xi helped Mu Feichi, who was sitting behind the barrier, and they all rejoined the small team that had been following behind them.

Feng Yang looked at Mu Feichi, who had injured his arm, frowned, and said quietly: “There are still many people in the laboratory on the other side.

We have to hurry over there!”

Without waiting for Mu Feichi to speak, Yun Xi decisively gave the order: “Follow him over to save the people.

Ill stop the bleeding on Mu Feichis arm.

Remember to change into your biohazard suits! We will be right over!”

Even if its only a penetration wound, if it hurts the vascular artery and the bleeding is not stopped in time, too much blood loss can lead to shock and coma, or even death!

Mu Feichi nodded.

“You guys hurry over.

Ill send Jin Lei over for support!”

“Yes, sir!” The squad leader answered and followed Feng Yang to quickly disappear into the night.

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