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Chapter 1008: Return Alive from the Battlefield

In the dim light, Yun Xi hurriedly poured out the contents of the medical bag she had brought with her, identifying hemostatic powder and bandages to temporarily stop the bleeding for him.

The cool night air was filled with the strong metallic stench of blood.

She seemed to be gradually getting used to this tense environment and was also able to accept the psychological pressures that comes with actual combat.

Mu Feichi watched her skillful dressing of his wound.

His sweetheart is growing up and will eventually mature into the woman he wants.

But seeing her like this, he was inexplicably heartbroken.

“Babe, all hell is empty and the devil is on earth.

Such a h*ll on earth! Do you have any regrets about becoming involved with me”

“Young Commander, why do I feel like the one who is regretting it now is you” Tying up the bandages, Yun Xi raised her head to look at him.

This road was her own choice, and she had never regretted it.

Although it was not because of him that she had become involved in the beginning, she would inevitably have had to face these things eventually on her path to becoming stronger.

However, she has no regrets.

It is her honor to fight alongside him.

To be able to stand by his side at the end… This is now her faith.

Mu Feichi smiled and did not speak.

He would not say even if he did regret it.

“I should take responsibility for causing you to get hurt.” Indeed, the person who should have regrets should be her.

If she had not cooperated with Feng Yang in an attempt to lure Crocodile out, this mess would never have occurred, and he would not have been implicated.

The fact that he had to help her clean up the mess was indeed her fault for not thinking everything through enough.

“It was not your responsibility at all.

However, if Babe wants to be responsible for me, I wont refuse.”

“…” Yun Xi glared at him in exasperation.

What a time to be making jokes!

“I dont care about anything else, and I dont lack anything.

If you really want to be responsible for me, why dont you…give the rest of your life to me”

“…” The sound of gunshots in the mountain pass were still sounding in their ears and this man, who was not even afraid of death, was now confessing his love in this situation.

Yun Xi couldnt decide whether to laugh or cry.

“If you dont like the idea, how about I give the rest of my life to you!”

“Is there a difference” In order to hide her embarrassment and reddening face, she reached out and helped him up from the ground.

“There is!” Mu Feichi frowned a bit.

The pain from the wound had subsided with the shot of anesthetic that she had administered, but he disliked the feeling of weakness and numbness in his right hand.

“Our chances of success are particularly low if you are not willing to give the rest of your life to me.

But if I give the rest of my life to you, then the success rate will be much higher.

After all, I am more than happy to do so from the beginning to the end!”

“Oh, to become a member of our Yun family, arent you afraid that Commander Mu will break your legs”

Gathering up her medical supplies,, she dragged him in the direction of the shooting.

At this moment, Grey Wolf and Great White also descended from the mountain.

“My marriage is out of his hands.

Im the one in charge of the Mu family.

Ill make my own decisions on marriage.”

Yun Xi paused in her tracks.

She really wanted to give him a compliment for being able to joke about such a thing on the battlefield.

“Young Commander, if you want to join the Yun family, there are conditions.”

“For example”

“Only those who return alive from the battlefield are qualified.”

She only wants him to live.

She doesnt care about any other external conditions, any identity, any person in power.

In the past, she might have thought that she would have to be strong enough and her status high enough to have people not underestimate her, in order to be truly worthy of him.

Now, she would like to add one more condition: she would like both of them to be alive and well.

Only by being alive can we go on to do more things.

“All right, I promise you,” Mu Feichi nodded, raised his left hand, and petted her head.

“I will return alive to see you, no matter what!”

This was his promise, a promise that he used his life to bet with.

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