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Chapter 1009: No Point Putting Others in Dangers Way

The gloomy night was illuminated by scattered orbs of light and the air carried a heavy scent of blood.

The three who followed Great White found a temporary research institute that was hidden in the valley of another mountain.

Compared to the metal shelter on the other side, there were a few fully completed buildings made entirely of glass.

However, the research institute emitted a dark and chilling presence.

After the sudden burst-in by Qi Yuan and Feng Rui, the researchers of the research institute had been apprehended by the special forces soldiers.

The forces had also freed 20-something living people who had been locked in the labs and used for experiments.

The medical staff and biology experts brought in by Jin Lei had taken over the isolation for these people to prevent a second infection.

“Young Commander! He escaped!” Qi Yuan and Feng Rui reported.

After surveying the area, except for a few men who were injured, many others they had found lying around had been brutally murdered.

The mastermind behind the human experiments had escaped from their clutches.

“How did he do it We had guards stationed at every possible exit in the mountains when we arrived.

Our men are all out there.

How could they have escaped”

Suddenly, Yun Xi turned toward the guide who had been escorting the men and asked urgently, “Is there any other exit in these mountains Like an abandoned mine shaft”

The guide thought deeply and replied, “There is one last escape route.

That would be one of the underground mine tunnels, but it has been years since it was last used.

With all the internal collapses of rocks inside the mountain, many tunnels have been completely buried.

Unless…unless they dug another mine tunnel toward the outside while they were here…”

Just as the guide finished speaking, Feng Rui rushed in from the lab.

“Young Commander!” He spoke while he was panting, “We found a tunnel near the back gate of the lab.

There were footprints on the ground, he must have escaped through there!”

“Update the units.

One unit will follow Grey Wolf and survey the base of the mountain.

Observe any movement in every inch of it! B unit, follow me!”

“Im going too!” Yun Xi marched up to Mu Feichi, but once she got there, Mu Feichi blocked her path immediately.

“Why would you go in We dont know what the situation is inside yet.

Its safer to wait outside!”

“No! Your wounds need immediate medical attention.

What if something happens inside I need to go in with you!”

The injuries on his arm had extended beyond the layers of skin into his muscles.

The wound could be infected, or worse, the bleeding would continue if it was not treated within three hours.

Additionally, with what little oxygen there was in the cave, he might go into shock or even die.

She was the only one equipped with medical tools, and she was worried about what would happen if someone else went in instead of her.

With a pause, Yun Xi turned to face the special force soldiers behind her and made an order on behalf of Mu Feichi.

“As we lack knowledge of the situation and for the sake of keeping everyone safe, we will avoid going in in large groups.

Young Commander, Feng Rui, Qi Yuan, and I will head in, the rest of you will wait outside for any updates.

Turning around, Yun Xi signaled to Grey Wolf with a nod and raised her hand to secure the tracking watch on her wrist.

“Since we all have tracking devices on us, Grey Wolf, could you use the tracking directions to determine the estimated point of exit.

We need to catch him fast.

He will be harder to track if we let him get away!”

She had given a thorough analysis of the situation, and Mu Feichi knew he could not stop her even if he wanted to.

Moreover, her order had covered all of what he had intended to say.

There was no point in putting others in danger because he is panicking about her being in danger.

“Sure, we will follow her orders.” Mu Feichi nodded and turned toward Grey Wolf.

“Monitor the tracking constantly and maintain communication.”

Once the orders were made, Mu Feichi turned back to the girl beside him who was fully equipped and ready to go.

Knowing what a collected and detailed person Yun Xi was was truly a reassuring moment for Mu Feichi.

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