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Chapter 1011: Stop Kissing Me

The grip on her wrist was strong.

His big palm carried the warmth of a mans body and gradually calmed her anxiety.

Within the chilly, dark cave, his warmth was transmitted to her through his hands, which were holding her trembling ones, unconsciously giving her courage and power.

After she had bandaged his wounds, Mu Feichi supported himself on the wet wall as he stood up.

“All right, lets get out of here.”

“Young Commander…” Lifting her head and staring at their shadows, her torchlight flickering, Yun Xi felt a sense of defeat that she could not explain.

“Whats wrong” Wanting to stroke her head but realizing his hands were covered with mud, Mu Feichi wiped his hands on his clothes, making sure they were clean before pulling her into his embrace.

“Did that scare you” he asked in a low, murmuring mellow voice with his characteristic deep, reassuring timber.

“It didnt.

I was just thinking that now might be a more appropriate time to answer the question that you asked me just outside.”

Mu Feichi smiled and buried his head in the crook of her neck, and even though they were both covered in dirt and dust, he still found her sweet smell the best.

“Why Are you regretting it now”

“I regret having involved you in my ill-conceived fishing plan, which was not well thought-out and has resulted in your injury.”

If she had known that something like this would happen, she would never have allowed Feng Yang to take these risks.

This matter was far more complex and more frightening than she had imagined it was going to be.

Especially now that they had discovered that it involved biochemical weapons research! It was a challenge bigger than anything she had ever dealt with before.

Mu Feichi getting hurt because of this scheme shed devised was blowing up all her boundaries.

Her feud with Crocodile was never going to end until she found him and punished him.

Hmmm Mu Feichi froze.

Hed thought she was regretting fighting alongside him, regretting being involved in all this.

But to think that she was actually feeling sorry for him, his heart felt as sweet as a broken honey pot.

In the dark cave, the dry smell of dust permeated the damp air, but at the moment he felt like he was smelling flowers.

“How rare it is that my babe feels so much for me!”

He loosened his grip slightly, lowered his head, and kissed her hard on the lips.

Even in the dark, he still managed to accurately pinpoint their location!

Mmmm! Suddenly attacked, Yun Xi looked up in confusion and licked her lips.

Apart from his breath on her lips, she could taste the gravel dust that was stained on them, which really didnt taste very good.

In the dim light, the happy man had rarely seen such a shy and endearing look on her, and he lowered his head to give her another kiss.

Suddenly, Yun Xi raised her hand to block his approaching lips.

A kiss was placed on her equally dusty palm.

“Your mouth is full of dust.

Stop kissing me!”

The delicate echo of her voice rang throughout the quiet cave into the ears of a man who had always exercised the utmost self-control, but now was struck by a sudden desire for her.

Hmmm! “Well kiss again when we get out.” He looked at her with narrowed eyes, a wanton smile at the corners of his mouth, and the intensity and passion within his eyes melting into the darkness.

At this moment, he seemed to have a better understanding of the need to live in order to do more things.

In order to be able to love this increasingly seductive little siren in front of him better…

Blushing furiously, Yun Xi ignored him and looked into the dark cave with her torch.

“I dont know where this cave leads to, but if the mastermind escaped from here, then there must be a way out.

Im just worried that he might have blown up the outside passage as well.”

“Lets just go and see! Even if the exit passage has also been blown up, at least Grey Wolf can locate our direction, and the entrance is being excavated.

Soon we will be able to get out.”

Because they had brought enough people with them this time, being trapped in the cave didnt worry him.

Its just that its hard not to be angry when people get away.

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