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Chapter 1012: With Lei Laozis Support

Feng Yang had just been tested to make sure that he was virus-free after being rescued from the quarantine facility.

He had been just about to board a helicopter to leave when he heard the sound of the explosion from the cave.

He pushed away the people around him and ran toward the cave.

He had watched Yun Xi and Mu Feichi enter the cave with his own eyes, and, when the loud explosion sounded, he felt upset beyond reason.

“Yun Xi…” Outside the cave, Feng Yang started desperately clawing away at the rocks blocking the entrance to the cave.

His frantic actions caused the group of people outside the cave to freeze and stare at him.

Qi Yuan glared at him, walked up, and threw him a shovel, coldly reminding him, “You are not going to be of any help except injuring yourself like that!”

“Thank you.” Accepting the shovel, Feng Yang seemed to have calmed down and turned around to join the crowd that was digging together.

It was exceptionally quiet throughout the mountain pass, and Qi Yuan said to Li Zilan, who was still hunkered down at the high point, “Remain at the high point and keep your guard up.

We will take care of things here.”

The well-trained group began their rapid work of excavation, while Grey Wolf watched the faint signal of two dots moving slowly.

In the cave, Mu Feichi held Yun Xis hand tightly, leading her forward by the light of the dim torch.

The cave had not been dug professionally, and in some places it was difficult to pass.

One could only move sideways against the cave wall slowly.

Their road ahead was long, and they didnt know if there was a way out when they got there, but, being held by his hand like this, Yun Xi felt inexplicably at ease.

It was as if, with him around, there was nothing to worry about even if the sky were to fall.

“After this incident, Im afraid that the matter of catching Crocodile is not that simple.

Does that mean we shouldnt get involved in this matter any longer”

Mu Feichi paused, his grip tightened a little on her hand, seeming to reassure her.

“Dont worry, since this is something that you want to do, you shouldnt have any worries.

Just go ahead and do it.

With Lei Laozis support, you dont have to worry about anything.”

MMMM! “I understand.” Since Mu Feichi had no intention of withdrawing his power, she would not rest until she caught Crocodile this time.

Walking deeper and deeper into the cave, they eventually found the exit.

The exit was not blocked luckily, and when they left it, they were completely out of the original mine.

Mu Feichi urgently contacted the members of his special operations team, and they all rushed over to assemble at this exit, while the rest of the men were going into the mountains to search for any of the remaining villains.

Everyone soon rushed over as soon as they heard the good news, and Feng Yang ran anxiously to Yun Xi and breathed a small sigh of relief after making sure she was okay.

“Thank goodness youre alright! Thank goodness youre alright! Please do not put yourself in the line of fire from now on.

Its too dangerous!”

“Im fine.” Yun Xi looked at his disheveled face.

“Didnt you also put yourself in danger So what exactly happened this time How did you get kidnapped by them Thank goodness they didnt experiment on you, otherwise…”

“Im glad you got here before they started experimenting on us! Ive come all the way here while following the clues in the ledger.

I have found a lot of problems.

Lets talk more about it when we get back.”

There were too many people here, and although they were all loyal Mu Feichis men, there was no guarantee that the crowd would not spread the story.

Yun Xi nodded and was just about to say something when Mu Feichi walked over, pulling her behind him and frowning at Feng Yang.

In an instant, the tension between these two men filled the air in all directions.

Mu Feichi regarded Feng Yang with cold eyes and harrumphed lightly.

It was not clear whether he really didnt care about him or whether he was too close to Yun Xi and his jealousy had kicked in, but the arrogant man didnt even bother to say a word to Feng Yang, dragging Yun Xi away and heading for the helicopter.

The rest of this incident was left in the hands of Jin Lei and Qi Yuan.

After an eventful night, Mu Feichi really could not be bothered to deal with some guy who was always interacting with Yun Xi for some reason.

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