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Chapter 1014: Her Coming-of-Age Gift

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes, which had turned a deep dark color before returning to a calm expression.

“I dont want her to get involved in risky matters.

This is more complicated than we thought.

Now that her investigations have led her to Crocodile, let her catch that fish! We will handle the rest of the matters ourselves.”

“Yes, I understand!”

“Hurry up with the search! Once these viruses enter the black market, they will be deadly weapons that can be used against Jun Country and other countries.

We must not leave this loose end untied!”


I have sent all the intelligence networks out in search of them, and they should report back with news soon.”

After a pause, Qi Yuan suddenly recalled why he had come in the first place.

He raised his head and asked, “Its almost time to announce the date of the socialite ball.

Has the Young Commander decided which day to hold it”

“Lets do it on the Winter Solstice, on her birthday.

The ball…will be her coming-of-age gift from me.

Let Baifan work on the arrangements and announce the date.

By then, Han Wanling should be back as well.”

“This year is a significant year for her.

If she misses it, she will have to wait another three years.

With that temperament of hers, she will definitely return.”

“Are the Su family matters settled” Speaking of the Su family, Mu Feichi could not help but chuckle.

He wondered if Su Donglin would agree to the marriage if he knew that it would send the Su family into endless disputes in the future.

However, this was not important.

With Su Donglins means, it would not be difficult for him to subdue the mother and daughter trio.

“Su Donglin agreed to Miss Yuns terms.

They will announce the marriage soon.”


Ask Ling Jing to come up the mountain to see me also.

I have something I need him to do.”

“Yes, sir!”

After going down Tianyu Mountain, the butler took Yun Xi to the Feng residence.

Feng Yang opened the door to receive her and did not seem surprised to see her there.

He got into the butlers car with her.

The car stopped under a lonely tree outside the Feng residence, and the butler got out of the car in order to give them the privacy to discuss their business.

Yun Xi had not expected such an amazing story to have resulted from their original plans, and she felt so guilty because she had almost caused him to be a lab rat.

It was extremely scary when she thought about it.

“Your suspicions were correct.

The ledger is indeed a codeword pad.

I consulted a cryptography expert in the army, and it took a lot of effort to decipher the contents.

We investigated everything all along the way to Xinqi Town.

We didnt think that this small town was under their control for a long time, but theyve got many spies in the town.

We were drugged by the owner of the inn the first night we arrived.

I also blamed myself for not taking enough precautions and thinking that it was just a tourist town.

I did not expect that their people would be scattered around everywhere.”

Yun Xi shook her head and sighed softly.

“You cant be blamed for this.

After all, we didnt know much about this matter, so we had no idea how to protect ourselves from it.”

“What I didnt expect was that they had actually built a laboratory in the mountains for virus research and were conducting experiments on living people.

Because they caught us late, they detained us in solitary confinement in another place.

We had to complete our medical examinations before they sent us to another laboratory.

Fortunately, you all came in time.

If it had been a little bit later, they would have sent us to the laboratory.”

What happened this time had also been a nightmare for him, but fortunately…

Feng Yang thought of what the guards had said, and his stomach knotted into coils of anger!

“These guys are appalling! How demonic and inhumane of them to conduct experiments on living people!”

Feng Yang turned his head and fixed his eyes on Yun Xi.

His cold, handsome face was impassive and determined to fight to the end.

“No matter what, I cant let the virus enter the black market.

Otherwise, it would be a catastrophe for Jun Country and the whole world!”

“I am with you on this.

Dont worry, this matter involves research on biological weapons.

This is not a trivial matter, and I feel that things are not as simple as we think.”

“What do you mean” Feng Yang was puzzled as he looked at her.

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