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Chapter 1016: Let Others See My Body

Yun Xi had originally planned to go up the mountain to change Mu Feichis dressings after class every day since he had been injured.

So she did not expect that an uninvited man would move into her apartment in the morning under the guise that it was more convenient for her to take care of him there.

Yun Xi saw a figure reading on the sofa when she came back after school, and there was a suitcase in the hallway.

His intentions were obvious.

“Young Commander, what are you planning to do Are you coming all the way here to make me responsible for you”

He lifted his eyes from the book, and his leisurely gaze fell on her.

That unconcerned look was telling her that he was right where he belonged.

“I am injured, and no one else can take care of me.

Shouldnt you be responsible for me”

He spoke in an aggrieved tone, and, coupled with the look on his handsome face, it seemed that he was implying that she had mistreated him.

“There are so many people on Tianyu Mountain who would fight over the chance to care for you.

Moreover, I am not your nanny.”

“But you are my woman.

Why shouldnt you take care of me I cant even raise my arm, so I cant take care of myself.

Do you want other men or women to look at my body Even if it doesnt bother you, it bothers me!”

His disgusted tone rendered Yun Xi speechless, and she did not know if she should cry or laugh.

“Young Commander, how can you claim that you are incapable of looking after yourself”

She helplessly acquiesced and stepped forward to look at his bandaged arm.

After checking that there was no inflammation, she was relieved.

Yun Xi had originally blamed herself as he had been injured only because of her.

However, before she could speak, he had already made his demands clear.

“For example, taking a bath and undressing is very inconvenient.

The weather is so hot these day.

If I go to bed without taking a bath, will you kick me out of the bed because I stink”

“Huh” Yun Xi looked at him with a dazed expression.

“Did I say I would take you in Didnt you already buy the unit next door Isnt living in your own home more comfortable than living in mine”

“Well, living in your place is indeed more comfortable than living in my own house.

There is nothing but water and electricity over there.”

“…” Someone had prepared all the excuses under the sun just so he could stay at her house, so what else could she say

It seemed that nothing she said was going to work.

If she drove him away, how wicked would she seem

“Okay, then you can stay.” Anyway, even if she wanted to drive him away, he might not leave, and she was tired of trying.

“By the way, I have discussed things with Feng Yang.

He is getting someone to inquire about the news on the black market.

He will also pay more attention to the borders, but he doesnt have as much manpower as you do.

What are the angles you are investigating”

“Its the same as your plans.

Were targeting the black market and the borders.” Mu Feichi raised his head and looked at her.

“If the other party wants to take the virus across the borders to trade, there are only two ways to do it: one is to carry it with them and the other is to infect themselves before leaving the country.

I have notified the border quarantine center to conduct stringent checks for signs of the virus infections.

All the newest quarantine scanners from abroad have also been sent over to facilitate the checks.

As soon as there is news, they will immediately notify me.”

“Thats great! I just think that it doesnt seem like Crocodiles style to change fields in order to develop biological weapons.

Isnt it more profitable to sell drugs”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and suppressed the surprise in his eyes.

He chuckled and leaned into the sofa.

“Why do you think that biological weapons are not worth more than drugs Drug investigations and the antidrug procedures on the border are so strict.

If news accidentally leaks out, their lairs will not be spared.

Since there is so much risk, it is better to invest in the research of biological weapons.

At the very least, if you control this virus sample, you can threaten the head of a country and name your terms.

Isnt it faster money than drug trafficking”

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