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Chapter 1020: To Win by Losing

Yun Xi nodded and raised her eyebrows.

Her determined eyes were shining with a slight chill.

“As I said, you can look for the Young Commander to express any complaints.

Its fine if you want to kick me out of Jingdu.

Its your call, and I dont think the Young Commander is an unreasonable person.

Moreover, I was only just standing here and never intended to give you any trouble, yet you came and confronted me.

I wanted to ask, what did you mean by this”

Si Wenxuan could use Mu Feichi as much as she wanted.

Even if Yun Xi was not in favor of it, she could not stop her.

At least, not now.

As Yun Xi finished speaking, the students who had been watching them suddenly looked at Si Wenxuan with disdainful expressions.

It was obvious to everyone who had been watching what Si Wenxuans intentions were.

She had intentionally started to stir up trouble and had picked on someone to vent her anger on.

Even if Yun Xi had offended her previously, at least she did not do anything at this time to warrant Si Wenxuan using her status to humiliate Yun Xi like this.

Si Wenxuan had been extremely rude and seemed to completely lack any manners.

She should have been very mindful of how she acted and practiced perfect manners in the outside world.

She was the Presidents daughter, and any embarrassment that she caused would be an embarrassment to the President as well.

Everyone in the cafeteria scrutinized her.

She was clad head to toe in branded products and accompanied everywhere she went by security, yet she had terrible manners and had been arrogant and stubborn ever since she had arrived on the campus.

Could she be a fake daughter


Before Si Wenxuan could say anything, Yun Xi lifted her hand and halted her words, “No need for you to continue, you are the Presidents daughter.

After all, we civilians are not on your level.

If the sight of me makes you lose your appetite, Ill just leave.”

Yun Xi gave Zhao Yumo a look, which she understood.

Her time spent training with Jiang Chenghuan had given her an understanding of Yun Xis “moving forward by going back” tactic.

Zhao Yumo and Lan Jing turned and followed Yun Xi without a word, and the three left the cafeteria in a dignified manner.

Si Wenxuan was confused.

She could not understand why Yun Xi had been so willing to obey her.

All the other students in the cafeteria looked at her with peculiar expressions.

The next moment, the crowd had dispersed, following right after Yun Xi had left.

Si Wenxuan and two or three others remained, and the cafeteria felt empty and desolate

No one dared to mess with the Presidents daughter, so it was best to simply avoid her.

Yun Xis interaction with Si Wenxuan had demonstrated to the other students Si Wenxuans true manners and character.

This was how she had retreated to attack Si Wenxuan.

Who could stand someone who used their status as the Presidents daughter to look down on everyone and view the rest as lowly peasants

Her father might be the President, but the President was decided on based on the votes of the countrys taxpayers.

He was voted in and he could be voted out, and for his daughter to not have the manners she was supposed to have and even be arrogant and rude, no one found her likeable.

It was not that Yun Xi couldnt have demolished Si Wenxuan, because really someone like Si Wenxuan did not deserve her to hold her tongue.

However, because of her relationship with Mu Feichi, she had to opt for a softer, more subtle method of attacking Si Wenxuan.

If anyone else had talked to her like that, she would not have held back.

When Si Wenxuan had finally figured out why Yun Xi had backed off, there was barely anyone left in the cafeteria.

Yun Xi had retreated as a form of attack and instantly ruined the image of the Presidents daughter and the social network she had painstakingly built.

She was the Presidents daughter and she should be loved and admired by all those around her, yet the reality was far from that!

She had lost to Yun Xi in the Mu family and she had indirectly lost to her in this round too.

Anger was filling up Si Wenxuans insides and threatening to explode.

As the crowds wandered out, a figure approached Si Wenxuan.

Qiao Ximin smiled kindly at her, and there was admiration in her tone.

“Hi! Im Qiao Ximin.

I didnt know that the Presidents daughter was a student here.

This is a real honor!”

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