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Chapter 102: Shot Herself in the Foot by Trying Too Hard

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“Nothing needs to be done.

Young Marshal Mu only needs to bring Ling Jing to the auction.

That will be the icing on the cake.”

Mu Feichi seemed caught off guard by her response, and he snorted softly.

“You tell me to ask him to go with me, but why dont you ask whether Im going or not”

“If Young Marshal Mu wants to see a good show, then please come.

However, dont forget my three laws.

No intervention is allowed!”

“If you dont tell me anything, arent you afraid that I might do something to your mother when Im bored”

“If Young Marshal Mu wants to, Ill be happy to oblige, but do so at your own risk.”

She didnt wait for him to answer and promptly hung up the phone.

She wasnt the slightest bit worried that he would mess up.

Now that hed called to inform her about what was going on, it meant that he was asking for her opinion and didnt want to interfere or intend to help.

Very good, this evening, her mother would be one step closer to digging her own grave.

After dinner, Yun Xi pulled her hair into a bun and changed into a midi dress.

She wore a yellow silk cardigan blouse with the white strapped dress, with vintage design tailoring.

This outfit didnt have any pankou embellishments, so she pinned a daisy brooch to make her attire appear more elegant and stylish.

It was a ladylike dress that made her appear elegant and sophisticated, and its yellow theme made her appear especially delicate.

It was neither too flashy nor too casual.

It was a suitable outfit to attend an auction in.

Compared to the floral gown that had been sent by Mu Feichi, she felt that plain clothes were more suitable for her.

Flying under the radar and keeping a low profile were key to her being silent but deadly.

By the time she exited the villa complex, Second Aunts car was already waiting at the door.

After she got into the car, Yao Ying glanced at her and nodded in satisfaction.

“That outfit looks great on you.

Its dignified, elegant, and you have the aura of a lady.

Compared to all those airhead socialites who are decked out in head-to-toe designer clothes, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.”

“Second Aunt must be joking.

How can I compare with the socialites”

“Its good to understand the importance of keeping a low profile.”

After the shopping mall incident, Yao Ying could tell that this girl was much smarter than the two no-gooders at home.

The charity auction was located in the Jingdu Hotel, the most prestigious hotel in Jingdu.

The parking lot in front of the hotel was full of luxury cars, as if there were a luxury car show going on.

Speaking of which, this wasnt the first time that Yun Xi had come to the Jingdu Hotel.

In her last life, most business entertainment had taken place here.

Everyone liked to pick this place to show off their status.

She was familiar with the in and outs of the Jingdu Hotel, which hadnt changed much since her past life.

Its architectural style was somewhat antiquated now.

The large banquet hall on the first floor was heavily guarded, and a mass of security personnel guarded the corridor to verify the magnetic stripe from the invitation in the hands of all the guests.

Stepping into the corridor, Yun Xi saw Liang Xiuqin, Yun Ziling, and Liang Xinyi on the other side immediately.

Yun Xi eyed the gown Yun Ziling was wearing, and her eyes twitched as she worked hard to suppress her laughter.

Her body size was very different from Yun Zilings.

Mu Feichi was extremely perceptive and had been able to tell her size at a glance.

Yun Ziling was not only not as tall as she was, but was also chubbier.

The originally knee-length dress, when worn on Yun Ziling, reached her calf, and it appeared very tight in the waist area.

The gorgeous gown made Yun Ziling appear chubby and short.

On the other hand, Liang Xinyi knew how to emphasize her strengths and hide her shortcomings.

The gown shed chosen was very ordinary.

It was a light purple gown with a timeless style.

She didnt know whether it was because Liang Xiuqin didnt want her to compete with Yun Ziling for the limelight, that shed deliberately bought something not too stylish, almost classic, or if shed simply chosen it to save money.

In comparison, Yun Ziling looked really nouveau riche.

Yao Ying also looked at Yun Ziling and laughed softly.

“Shes shot herself in the foot by trying too hard to imitate those socialites.”

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