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Chapter 1022: Obsessed with Crocodile

Listening to Feng Xixian talking about Liang Danyi at her school, Yun Xi wasnt surprised that she was just like Liang Xinyi.

There were a lot of tricks that Liang Xinyi knew that she hadnt gotten to use yet.

They were seemingly brilliant ideas that could indeed gain the attention of teachers and classmates in a short time.

However, as time went by, or if someone starts to see through her ways, then its game over.

But if one wants to push someone into h*ll, its best to wait for the person to climb higher for her to fall harder.

It wasnt going to be difficult to deal with Liang Danyi.

Even Feng Xixian would be able to crush her entirely.

After sending Feng Xixian off on her way home, Yun Xi sat in the dessert shop and looked through the documents.

There was a thick stack of papers, and it seemed like a photocopied book.

It was a geography book that told about different countries and their local customs.

Feng Yang couldnt possibly have photocopied a geography book just for her to read.

Unless…this was another codeword pad!

Yun Xi immediately settled the bill and quickly took a cab back to her apartment when she realized that this might possibly be a codeword pad.

Although Feng Yang didnt tell Yun Xi how to decipher the codes, she had already studied the different ways to read the codes.

If she still couldnt crack the codes, she would have to get Grey Wolf to help her.

Yun Xi didnt expect Feng Yang to be so capable and manage to find this so quickly.

Since Feng Yang was grounded at home, Yun Xi would have to handle the rest of the matter herself.

Upon reaching home, Yun Xi called Lan Jing to tell her that she wouldnt be returning to school in the afternoon.

She also called her teaching assistant to apply for some time off.

After that, she started reading and going through the book Feng Yang had sent her.

Yun Xi was so engrossed in it that she didnt even notice Mu Feichi walking in.

Upon entering the house, Mu Feichi saw Yun Xi at the table, writing something with her head down.

When he got closer, he realized that she had the ledger she had taken from him and there was another geography book on the table.

While looking at the geography book, Yun Xi had listed several names on a piece of paper, followed by the detailed information and family background of the person she had found in the internal database.

Soon, Mu Feichi realized that the geography book was another codeword pad.

Mu Feichi was surprised.

He had no idea that his darling had read through both the ledger and the codeword pad.

She had even learned to decipher them.

He sent a message and quickly got a reply mentioning that Yun Xi had met Feng Xixian.

He knew that Feng Yang was grounded at home.

But, looking at how Feng Yang had sent Yun Xi this clue, it seemed as if he had discovered some things too.

Mu Feichi did not intend to let Yun Xi and Feng Yang intervene in his operation.

However, Yun Xi wanted to investigate and catch Crocodile personally, so he had agreed to let her get involved.

Of course, her safety was still his top priority.

Now that she had gotten to this point, he couldnt let her take any more risks.

“So, what did you find out” Mu Feichi took a deep breath and walked forward, pulling a chair up to the table to sit down next to her.

Yun Xi was shocked to see him, and it took her a while to come back to her senses from the place where she had been.

She looked at the clock on the table and realized that it was already 7:00 at night.

Its no wonder she was feeling a little hungry.

“When did you get here I didnt notice you coming in.”

“I think you have gotten too obsessed with trying to catch Crocodile.”

Mu Feichi glared at Yun Xi unhappily.

He then shut the files she was looking at on the table in front of her and turned her chair around to face him.

“I have no choice.

I wont feel safe until he is caught.

First, it was the assassination, now the research in biological weapons.

No one knows what will happen next.

I want to solve this problem as soon as possible and eliminate the hidden enemies behind my back Then I will be able to live comfortably.

If not, I will be anxious and worried every day, and thats so tiring.”

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