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Chapter 1023: Unbelievably Handsome

“Well, it seems as if I am not doing enough.

Its my mistake for not letting my girl live with a sense of security.”

He expressed his apologies sincerely, but Yun Xi became a little confused hearing that.

“What has it got to do with you” Yun Xi gave him a confused and slightly resigned expression as she caressed his face.

Not only was the face she was caressing dashing and handsome, it felt nice to touch too.

“Its not that I dont feel safe with you, but catching Crocodile is something I want to do.

So I am going to do my best and leave the rest to fate.

Also, you always have to clear up my messes when something happens.

I cant just rely on you and do nothing.”

Yun Xi knew that if she wanted to be with Mu Feichi, she would need to train herself to be strong and impeccable like him.

“But without my help on this, the chances of you catching Crocodile are really low.”

Mu Feichi sighed as he took the ledger and geography book from the table.

He then pointed at one of the names that Yun Xi had deciphered.

“This is Morse code, so it doesnt translate to a persons name.

It is probably the name of a location instead.

This other group of codes uses the Hill cipher system.”

Mu Feichi took a red pen from the table and started marking out the wrongly decrypted parts.

“You have not learned how to read the Morse code, and not many people use Hill cipher now.

Since most people use Morse code, I will teach you how to read it next time.”

“All right!” Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi as he corrected the parts she had done wrong.

Her clear eyes gradually filled with admiration, as girls of her age looked up to heroes and idols.

Mu Feichi couldnt help but laugh at how she was staring at him.

He then looked into her eyes and moved closer toward her.

“Babe, when you are looking at me like that, it makes me feel like I am a delicious feast in front of you.

Delicious and appealing!”

Mu Feichi could read the admiration for him in her eyes.

Admiring him was also Yun Xis way of expressing her affection for him.

If she did not like him, she wouldnt notice him no matter how outstanding he was.

Her ways of expressing love were so subtle, but yet he liked them so much.

“Sir, you have always looked delicious and appealing.

And…” She smiled as she patted the file on the table.

“,,,you are so talented that theres nothing you cant do.

You are so handsome that anyone would spread their legs for you.”

Spreading ones legs was a slang expression commonly used by women in her previous life.

The women in this lifetime werent so liberal yet, but Yun Xi had blurted it out without thinking.

She realized it as soon as she finished that sentence, and she really wanted to bite off her tongue.

“Oh” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and his deep-set eyes were sparkling.

It seemed like he was in a good mood, as his gaze fell on Yun Xi, who was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

But he didnt want to let her off just like that.

Since it was just the two of them, he wasnt subtle while flirting with her.

“Babe, I am not only so handsome, but my skills would also make you spread your legs.”

“My mistake, my bad! Shut up!” She immediately covered his mouth to put a stop to all the suggestive talk.

“Stop teasing me!”

HMMM! Mu Feichi looked down at the tiny hand covering his mouth.

Then, feeling the warm, moist palm pressed on his lips, he couldnt help but take the opportunity to kiss her hands.

Yun Xi realized his intentions when she felt his lips move.

She immediately withdrew her hands and glared at him, annoyed.

Her delicate face was flushed red.

Her pouty expression was even more charming under the dim evening lights.

Mu Feichi really wanted to just jump on her.

If it hadnt been for the fact that she was still underage…

“All right, Ill stop.” Mu Feichi chuckled.

Right at that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Yun Xi suddenly became alert.

“Who would be here at this time”

“I got someone to send dinner.” Mu Feichi tapped on her shoulder.

He then got up and went to the door.

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