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Chapter 1024: Defeat Anyone in His Way

As soon as Mu Feichi opened the door, Qi Yuan could not help but notice that the atmosphere was not right.

He looked blankly at the disgruntled Young Commander in front of him, immediately realizing that he had come at the wrong time.

With that thought, Qi Yuan shoved the bag directly into the hands of the Young Commander and fled.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, opened the bag, and unpacked the dinner on the dining table.

Yun Xi glanced at the logo on the paper bag.

Was this a sign of how awful her dinner was that he had to send someone to the restaurant to pick up dinner at this hour

“What are you thinking in your little head Seeing you working so hard at this late hour, I didnt want you to have to cook, so I figured wed just eat the ready-made food and then well study the accounts and codebook later, to save you the trouble of working so hard.”

“I dont think its hard work.” It was only cooking.

She had been a slave to Chen Lixue in the countryside.

“But it breaks my heart.

If you are willing, you can cook for me every day from now on.”

He handed her the chopsticks, and his quiet gaze settled on her face, as if he was waiting for her answer, or as if he just wanted to look at her like that.

It wouldnt matter if it was the end of the world.

Yun Xi didnt say anything, but Mu Feichi saw the answer he wanted to see on her face.

She was willing.

Because she was willing, she was now forging her way against all odds, trying to stand alongside him.

He was both happy and touched.

His sweetheart was not a delicate flower that had been kept in a greenhouse.

It was the storm and the heat and the cold outside that would really see her through.

He was willing to give his all and be gentle, waiting for this flower to bloom.

The two of them sat face to face and ate.

This was one of the warm times that Mu Feichi had imagined countless times on the battlefield, even in moments of life and death.

“Did Feng Yang tell you how the codebook came to be”

“No, he has been confined by General Feng, and the codebook was delivered by his sister.

He probably cant get out right now, so Ill have to take care of the rest myself.”

Since the codebook had been found, as long as the secrets in it were deciphered, Mu Feichis intelligence department could take care of the rest.

“I am still here, arent I” Mu Feichi swiveled his chopsticks and pressed them against her forehead, causing her to lift her head.

The haughty man looked at her petulantly, patting his chest and assuring her confidently, “With me around, Ill help you fix all the problems.”

Yun Xi looked at him skeptically and blinked, her dazzling eyes held a hint of amusement and teasing.

“Really That doesnt sound like your style at all!”

“What is my style Isnt my style to sharpen the knife for my wife as her husband, when she wants to kill someone”

“…” Young Commander, you are more attractive when you keep your mouth shut.

After dinner, Yun Xi solemnly spread out the ledger and the codebook in front of Mu Feichi, sincerely asking for advice.

If the Morse code was involved, then she is really helpless.

After all, she still has not learned about this, and Mu Feichi has not taught her yet.

Mu Feichi looked at her for a few seconds, sighed, took the red pen she handed over, and corrected a few mistakes for her, then helped decipher all the places involving Morse code for her.

Since this is what she wants to do, then lets go ahead and do it.

He, Mu Feichi, is not so incompetent that he is unable to protect his own woman.

For many years, he had abandoned his position as the head of the Mu family and never interfered with the balance of power in Jingdu, in order to protect the peace of his family and his country.

It was not that he didnt have the ability, rather that he didnt want to get involved.

Many times, Crocodile has used his weaknesses as bait to lure him in, but now he wasnt worried about anything.

No matter who it is, as long as they cross his boundaries, hell defeat anyone in his way.

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