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Chapter 1028: Tip of the Iceberg

In the dessert shop, Chen Yichen ordered a piece of cake for Yun Xi.

After not seeing her for three months, he noticed that she had grown taller and looked better.

Her eyes now had learned to conceal her emotions, and she seemed more calm and comfortable in her own skin.

Compared with the young, immature girl he had first met, Yun Xis eyes clearly had thoughts and emotions he couldnt understand.

He did not know if they were thoughts that a girl should have at this age or if her change in character was due to the many hardships she had encountered.

Or perhaps, her every move had now been deeply influenced by Young Commander Mu.

There was a depth to her that made it difficult to see what she was thinking..

“How have you been these past few months I heard that you moved out of the dormitory.

Where are you living Is it safe”

“Im staying near the school.

Its safe and convenient to go to and from school.”

Holding a cup of milk tea, Yun Xi raised her eyes to look at the man sitting opposite her.

In just a few months, the lad she knew had now become a young CEO, with the gentlemanly demeanor of a polished businessman.

“Thats good that its safe.

Girls should be warier when they live out of the dormitory.”

Yun Xi nodded in agreement.

She knew this as well.

Then Chen Yichen started to talk about the case she was investigating.

He did not beat around the bush but dove straight into the topic, which surprised Yun Xi a little.

Raising her head in amazement, she looked at him with surprise.

“How do you know…”

There were not many people who knew about this.

Although she and Feng Yang had planned to use the ledger to lure Crocodile out, she had never thought the Eldest Heir would know about this.

“I know more than you think.

Yun Xi, you shouldnt get involved in this matter!”

“What do you mean” Yun Xi frowned.

She knew that this was not going to be a simple job, but looking at Chen Yichens face, it seemed that there must be something beyond her expectations.

“This matter does not only involve Crocodile.

The ledger that you have implicates many important names, distinguished families, and even Jun Countrys top management.

You are only a girl, and you dont understand the intricacies of the situation.

It could be easy for you to fall into other peoples traps.

You might be used by others or even considered as a target.

It is too unsafe for you.

You should not risk your safety.”

Although he knew that her IQ was higher than most peoples, this was a matter of an extraordinary nature.

The manipulators of these events had plenty of experience and were ruthless old foxes who would not let her off so easily.

Once their common interests were violated or if their lives were endangered, they would launch their counterattacks in groups.

At that time, she would become a stumbling block and their primary target.

Even if she had the protection of strong people around her, it would be impossible to ensure her absolute safety.

“Eldest Heir, do you know the inside story Can you tell me more”

Chen Yichen shook his head and his handsome face darkened.

“I dont want you to be involved.”

“But Im already involved.

Crocodiles people have threatened the Young Commander using me again and again, and theyve even chased and attempted to assassinate the Young Commander repeatedly.

There is no way to get out of this now.

If I dont do anything, it is equivalent to sitting and waiting for imminent death.

Only by taking the bull by the horns can I gain the upper hand instead of passively becoming their target.”

After a pause, she took a deep breath and raised her head with determination.

“If I were to solve this problem completely, this cancerous tumor in Jingdu would be dug out once and for all.

Whether it is Crocodile or other people involved, they all are my targets in this plan.”

Originally, Yun Xi had not intended to tell him about her purpose, because she firmly believed that the Eldest Heir would be on her side, so she did not worry that he would turn against her when the future situation became dangerous for her.

Now it seemed that she had to give him a heads up with regards to her plans.

She had ambitious hopes.

But when she involved herself in these matters, shed realized that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

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