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Chapter 1029: Crocodile Is an Organization

“You…” Chen Yichen had not seemed to have realized that her goal was so broad.

He was surprised by her.

He held his coffee cup without moving for a long time as it took some time before he came back to his senses.

“Do you know what you are talking about”

Her thoughts were too terrifying and too shocking.

She wanted to completely dig out Jingdus cancerous tumor and the numerous people involved around Crocodile.

It was an impossible feat.

Even the Young Commander had had to take into account the interests of all parties.

Though hed wanted to do what she was planning to do, he ultimately did not.

She was only a young girl, and he couldnt believe that she had enough ability or the means to carry this out.

The delicate balance between the distinguished families in Jingdu had not been changed or challenged for a long time.

Everyone had silently acknowledged each others interests and connections.

If she wanted to topple that balance, she was going to have to pay a heavy price.

“Have you ever thought about how many people make up this cancerous tumor It will be as difficult as trying to ascend the sky if you want to topple it on your own.”

“How can I know if I dont try Maybe Ill be lucky, and I really will succeed.”

Chen Yichen was amused at her innocence and looked at her helplessly, feeling a lot of distress.

“Girl, what are you going to use to fight them Lets not talk about the four distinguished families.

You cant even handle Crocodile.”

“I will find a way to lure Crocodile out…”

“Find a way What way” Chen Yichen chuckled lightly and leaned back in his chair, trying to organize all the snippets of information in his mind.

“Do you think Crocodile is a person and an international drug lord”

“Ah What…what do you mean” Yun Xi suddenly raised her head and caught the meaning behind his words.

“Do you know something” She looked at him eagerly.

She had always felt that he knew a lot of inside stories that she was not privy to, and perhaps even the inside stories that Mu Feichi hadnt told her about.

“What I know, the Young Commander also knows, and he probably even knows better than anyone else, so why hasnt he told you The reason he didnt tell you is the same as why I dont want to tell you.”

“Dont leave me hanging! Quickly spill the beans.

Im listening!”

Yun Xi put down her cup and sat upright, looking at him expectantly.

Her clear eyes were like shining stars in the night, and the glittering light reflected in Chen Yichens eyes, making it impossible for him to refuse any request from her.

“I can tell you, but in exchange, you have to tell me what you are plotting and what you are doing, so that I can work together with you and not hinder you.”

No matter what she did or what her plans were, he, as the heir to the eldest son of the Chen family, did not have the luxury of keeping completely out of it.

Therefore, this is why he had hurried home and asked his father for his opinion and made his decision clear.

No matter what she had to do in the end, he would stand by her side unconditionally.

His father asked him if standing by her side meant going against Jingdus distinguished families and whether even the entire Chen family could be dragged down and implicated.

As the heir, the pressure and challenges he had to bear would be greater than ever.

His father warned him to be careful and to make sure he wasnt going to regret it.

From the moment hed decided to go home to speak to his father, he did not intend to regret it.

“No problem.”

Chen Yichen nodded and rubbed his slender fingers on the edge of the coffee mug.

He seemed to be reminiscing but was also choosing his words carefully.

“You have been investigating the whereabouts of Crocodile recently.

Crocodile is a well-known international drug lord.

But only a few people know that Crocodile is not just the code name of the big drug lord.

It is an organization that is not just a single person but consists of many people.”

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