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Chapter 1031: Doing His Utmost

Chen Yichen saw that she was talking in such a serious manner.

It was evident to him that she was not joking.

But subsequently, after hed heard her plan and what her methods were going to be, as well as all the connections she was planning to exploit, it made him feel as if he was hearing a crazy scheme.

Even he would not have been able to think of such a massive and meticulous plan.

If she wants to break up the balance of power in Jingdu today, she obviously has to start with the big four wealthiest families.

On top of these four families, there are three centuries-old noble families exerting their pressures.

The Mu family, the Jiang family, and even the Huo family all seem to be on her side, so it wont be difficult for her to start.

This is something that he had never dared to think about.

She not only thought about it, but had already put it in motion.

Little Yun Xi had really impressed and amazed him.

Seeing him staring at her in astonishment, Yun Xi thought she had shocked him by saying something that was completely unexpected and mind boggling.

She couldnt help but smile.

“Do you think Im daydreaming unrealistically”

“No…” Chen Yichen shook his head, studying her with his dark eyes.

“I was just thinking…maybe you can do what we cant.”

From all her advance planning and the various alliances and traps that she had set up, he could see her determination.

No matter what happened in the future, he thought that just maybe she was really going to be able to break the balance of power in Jingdu today and create a new, better landscape.

Mu Feichi could have done it, but he is unwilling to cause internal and external problems to the military state.

Its not as though they dont have the same tactics, but he lacks the same connections that she has and her reckless determination.

After all, they carry the weight of a family on their shoulders.

He firmly believes that she can succeed and stands on her side unconditionally, but has no way to join her in the fight against the other families.

Because the Chen family is one of these four powerful, wealthiest families, once this current balance of power is broken, the things he will have to face and his position will become extremely complicated issues.

Yun Xi is different.

She has the connections, the drive, the ambition, and the intellect.

It will not be hard for her to achieve her goals.

He could not help but look forward to the future when she has overturned the tide in Jingdu.

However, he could not help but worry that she was going to have to face a violent storm once the balance was broken.

“Its just that I worry.

You have to be careful with your own safety.”

“I understand.

Since I have chosen to do this thing, I am not being naïve about my situation.”

“Its good to know that.

And, remember, if theres anything you need my help with, just give me a call.

Ill have someone arrange anything you need, even if Im out of town.”

Yun Xi laughed lightly and lifted the cup of milk tea she was holding and toasted him, “Thanks in advance!”

The atmosphere in the dessert store was harmonious.

Outside, on the road, the car that had been parked there for a long time was being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun.

In the car, Mu Feichi stopped watching inside the shop and said in a quiet voice: “Drive!”

Qi Yuan looked toward the man in the rearview mirror, “Young Commander, arent you going in The eldest heir has rushed to find Miss Yun after making a trip back to the Chen family.

Looking at their situation, Im afraid Miss Yun already knows whats going on behind the scenes…”

They have long been aware of the things that Chen Yichen knows, and they have just concealed some things that Yun Xi should not know.

But little did they expect that, in the end, she was made aware through the mouths of others.

“Its not necessary.

Lets head back!” Mu Feichi closed his eyes, leaned back on the seat, and stopped talking.

He had hurriedly rushed over from Tianyu Mountain because he had originally wanted to stop Chen Yichen from telling Yun Xi these things.

However, just as he was about to alight from his car, he had decided that he no longer wanted to do anything.

So what if she knew There was no conflict between what she wanted to do and what he wanted to do.

He just hadnt wanted her to get involved in the beginning.

The only thing he can do now is to do his utmost to keep her safe.

Qi Yuan sighed quietly to himself and powered up the car to leave.

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