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Chapter 1032: Great White Doesnt Lie

Mu Feichi had just returned to Tianyu Mountain when Feng Rui, who had been waiting at the entrance of Mu Mansion, walked over.

As he walked, he reported, “Young Commander, the tails that we had following Miss Yun recently have discovered two separate groups of people who are also tailing her.”

Mu Feichi paused.

“Which two groups”

“They were people sent out by the Eldest Heir and Jiang Qilin.”

Mu Feichis eyes got very dark.

“So what did you guys do”

“We originally thought that they wanted to harm Miss Yun, and we were just about to strike when we realized that they had already taken care of those who were trying to harm Yun Xi.

I can understand that the Eldest Heir sent someone to protect her, but this Jiang Qilin…”

Before Feng Rui could finish speaking, Qi Yuan pulled him aside and shook his head with a concerned look.

Only then did Feng Rui realize that the Young Commander was in a very bad mood.

He coughed lightly and retreated to stand behind Qi Yuan.

The two remained in the doorway and did not dare to continue following Mu Feichi.

Feng Rui looked at Qi Yuan with a bewildered expression and asked in a low voice, “What happened Wasnt it fine when you guys left the house”

“The Eldest Heir told Miss Yun everything.

Thats why the Young Commander is in such a bad mood…”

“No wonder…”

The butler was just coming out of the kitchen, and he immediately noticed the dark look on his young masters face.

Just as he was about to say something, he heard Mu Feichi, who was climbing the stairs, say in a deep voice: “If that girl comes looking for me, just say Im not here.”

“Eh” The butler froze with uncertainty, but eventually nodded his acquiescence.

Back at the apartment, Yun Xi picked up the ledger and headed straight to Tianyu Mountain.

She didnt want to hear an explanation, but only wanted to discuss with Mu Feichi the next countermeasures.

Especially now that she knew so much about the inside story, her original conservative plan, even if it was in line with his purposes, would more or less be a hindrance to him.

In the beginning, she knew nothing and was bent on catching Crocodile, but now her purpose was no longer just to catch him.

It has turned out that Crocodile is a huge organization that involves some of the top echelons of Jingdu and even some of the most powerful families.

Since there is no conflict with what she wants to do, then she does not have to be too merciful.

However, just as she arrived at the door of Mu Mansion and rang the doorbell, the butler came out, and, with a twinkle in his eye, told her that Mu Feichi was not in.

She had asked the guards at the sentry post when she was at the bottom of the mountain, but now the butler was saying he was not here when he had obviously returned according to the guards.

What was the meaning of this

Is he making something out of nothing, or is he avoiding her

Whichever it was, she was not going to take that kind of behavior!

“Great White!” Yun Xi saw Great White coming out of the kitchen from behind the butler.

Great White darted over and affectionately nuzzled her neck.

“Great White, take me to your master!” Yun Xi stroked his head and ordered him whether or not Mu Feichi wanted to see her.

Great White obediently turned around to lead her into the house.

After taking two steps and not hearing her following him, he stopped to look at her again and continued to walk.

Yun Xi couldnt help but laugh, and she turned her head to look at the embarrassed butler.

“Are you still going to say that the Young Commander is not in Mu Mansion now Humans can lie, but Great White cant!”

The butler smiled apologetically and didnt stop her.

He moved sideways to allow her to pass, waiting for Yun Xi to walk into the house before he raised his eyes to look at a certain window on the second floor.

At the second-floor window, Mu Feichi loosened his scowl and blinked his cold, hard eyes, completely removing the darkness from them, before turning around and heading downstairs.

Great White was leading Yun Xi up the stairs when Yun Xi saw the figure standing on the stairs and stopped dead in her tracks.

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