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Chapter 1033: Crueler and Darker

Dressed in a white cotton T-shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of slippers, Mu Feichi stood gracefully on the stairs, looking down at her.

His legs were long and slender and his sleeves were rolled up to the elbows.

He was looking down with both his hands resting on the railings.

Mu Feichis dark eyes were hidden behind long lashes.

Out of habit, his lips were pressed into a thin line, and there was a slightly cold expression on his handsome face.

It was Yun Xis first time seeing him look so noble and otherworldly.

Initially, she had felt bold and confident enough to speak to him, but she felt hesitant now when she sensed a vague distance between them.

It was he who hadnt given her all the inside information.

It was he who had hidden the most important details from her.

But right now, she couldnt bring herself to be angry at all.

With his eyes slightly narrowed, he looked at the person on the stairs with a smile that wasnt really smiling.

Now again, there was the usual lazy, indifferent expression on his handsome face.

“Babe, you came to look for me I am about to take a nap.

Do you want to sleep with me”

Hearing him teasing her just like before, Yun Xi didnt know why she felt like something was in her throat.

It felt rather uncomfortable.

“Did…did I disturb your rest”

He had never lied to her, so there was a moment when she felt like he was either feeling guilty or really taking a rest.

“No, your timing is just right.

Come take a nap with me.”

“I am here for something important…” Yun Xi waved the ledger in her hand at him and got straight to the heart of the matter.

“I met the Eldest Heir Chen Yichen today, and I heard something from him.

Some…things that you were hiding from me.”

Mu Feichis expression did not change much even after hed heard what Yun Xi had said.

It seemed as if he was already expecting it.

Facing her doubts and questions, he remained calm and collected.


So, are you here to get even with me or are you here to confront me about it”

“Neither one.” Yun Xi shook her head.

She was definitely not in the position to confront him.

“If everything is as the Eldest Heir says, then I will need to change my plans.

I cannot be holding you back!”

“Babe, I did not agree to let you get involved in this.”

“Why” Confused, Yun Xi looked up at him, and she couldnt help feeling sad.

She wasnt upset about him not telling her the truth and letting her do so much for nothing.

But instead, she was sad that he had excluded her from his plans right from the beginning, as it made her feel like she was just an outsider to him.

“Do you think that Im not qualified to be a part of your plan, or do you think that I am too weak to face this with you”

Yun Xi looked up at Mu Feichi.

He was looking down at her from above, so he could clearly see the expression on her face.

Perhaps the sadness that had flashed across her eyes had gotten to him, and he couldnt bear to be firm with her.

Mu Feichi stood up straight and took a deep breath.

As he walked down the stairs toward her, rational and unreasonable thoughts were playing a game of tug of war in his mind.

He wanted to spoil her, indulge her every whim, shelter and protect her.

But he couldnt do any of these things in the end.

She had still been dragged into the dark abyss of Jingdu.

Mu Feichi could see her determination to change the situation in Jingdu, and he also knew that she was prepared to face the pressures.

But the whole situation was way more severe and scarier than she had imagined.

As Mu Feichi could look ahead and think further than she could, he was worried and didnt want her to get involved.

The current situation was already beyond their control.

So the only thing Mu Feichi wanted now was for her to be safe and happy.

“If you think I am not capable and had already excluded me right from the beginning, then I cant continue meddling in this matter.

Otherwise, I will only hold you back.

But looking at the situation now, do you think that I can still get out of it”

“Its not that I want to exclude you, but this matter is much crueler and darker than you think.”

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