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Chapter 1037: Getting to the Nitty-Gritty

As much as she was wary of him, Yun Xi hadnt prepared for his intentionally tripping her.

Once she had gathered her bearings, she was freefalling toward him.

She was in shock as she watched herself falling into another kissing situation with Mu Feichi.

Yun Xi clutched the folder in her hands desperately and used it as a shield in front of her face.

Mu Feichi might be experienced, but this was also not Yun Xis first rodeo.

Mu Feichi had her in his arms, but the intended kiss did not happen.

Blocking his vision was the black folder that had landed squarely on his lips.

Yun Xis head was behind the folder.

With the applied pressure from her fall, the folder landed another kiss on the mans lips.

As a two-time kisser of a folder, he was not taking his second kiss very well.

With a dark expression, he pulled the folder out of her hands and embraced her.

He tilted her head back and delivered a few kisses to soothe his nerves.

“The next time you fall into my embrace, babe, make sure to aim your kiss more accurately.”

He inched closer to her and continued with utter seriousness, “I give you permission to kiss me.”


Yun Xi stared at this man.

She had no words to say.

The ethereal image of him that she had seen on the stairs earlier had blinded her to who he really was.

The man before her was the real Mu Feichi.

“Anyway, Im here to talk business.” After a brief struggle, Yun Xi had finally escaped the grasp of the devil.

She positioned herself an arms length from him and looked at him with a serious expression.

Mu Feichi took a yard from the inch Yun Xi had given him and signaled to the spot next to him.

“You are too far away.

I cant hear you from there.

Please sit closer!”


Yun Xi gritted her teeth in embarrassment and reluctantly inched herself toward the position he had pointed out.

The man leaned back and cushioned his head with his hands.

His tone was nonchalant as he spoke to her, “Go on, Im listening.”

“Why did you hide all this from me Do I look like someone who cant take the truth Or do you think Im not fit to be by your side”

Her wronged emotions were finally starting to seep through.

She wanted to confirm the facts and know what he really felt about the issues.

She wanted to know the true reason why he had left her outside of his world.

Did she lack the qualifications Or were there other reasons

She cared for him, and thats why she couldnt turn a blind eye to this.

She had to know the truth even if it meant she would come off like any other ordinary woman.

“None of those reasons… Like I just said, this issue has too many implications.

Youre still very young, and it would be extremely hard for you to hold a candle to these old sly foxes.

Thats why I was hoping that you would catch only Crocodile and leave the others to me.”

“Really” Yun Xis gaze flickered as she handed the folder in her hands to him.

“How will you ever know if you dont let me try”

Mu Feichi placed the folder she had brought on the staircase.

He knew its contents better than she did.

There was absolutely no reason for him to look through it.

“Since you already know all about this, I will support you in everything you wish to do.”

His flippant response left Yun Xi rather speechless.

“Youre not worried about me dragging you down now”

“I never worried about you dragging me down.

I just did not want to put you in danger.

But, since you are so insistent, what can I do”

“Im not being insistent.

Even if you can stand how they treat you, I cant.

Those families were part of my plan anyway.

Now, knowing what happens behind the scenes doesnt affect my decision making at all.

In fact, it only makes me want to strike them harder when I do.

Yun Xi smiled and gently patted his cheeks.

“I will take a few more jabs at them for you, Young Commander!”

She would never hold back against anyone who would harm those she loved.

This was her baseline, and it was not something easily challenged by anyone.

Mu Feichi held onto her soft wrists and looked at her with a half-smile.

His expression was full of inexplicable conflicts.

“Oh dear, my babe cares this much about me”

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