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Chapter 1039: Ruthless Methods

After listening to Mu Feichis explanation of Yun Xis plans, Feng Ruis eyes lit up.

“Young Commander, I really feel that this girls plans sound more ruthless than yours!”

Feng Rui considered the underlying intentions in her plans and could not help sighing.

“Sure enough, our ancestors were right.

The womans heart is the most poisonous!”

Hed thought that the girl would only catch Crocodile, but now that she was involved, their plans seemed to be getting more exciting.

As soon as Mr.

Macho Mu heard this, his face immediately darkened.

His piercing eyes were shooting daggers at Feng Rui, who had no idea that he had offended him.

“Get lost! I dont need you to evaluate my woman! So what if her methods are ruthless I like it!”

Qi Yuan glared at Feng Rui and kicked him secretly under the table, but he could not say a word.

Feng Rui finally realized that he had said the wrong thing.

He touched his head awkwardly and stepped back.

“Uh…Young Commander, please continue doing what you were doing, Ill get lost right away…”

Before Mu Feichi kicked him, Feng Rui had already jumped into the car.

Qi Yuan glanced at the obtuse man and turned to look at the person standing next to him.

“Since Miss Yun has already planned everything, then we will follow her plans.

Its just that…the Feng family doesnt seem like they will easily settle.

After all, Feng Yang is her friend, and her temperament does not seem like someone who will attack her friend.”

“Then it boils down to a contest between Feng Yang and me…who is more important to her”

Mu Feichi snorted.

“It was not my intention that the Feng family has been implicated.

I wont interfere with the Feng family and will let her handle it all by herself.

She behaves fairly and is clearheaded about what she wants to do.

Moreover, she knows how to weigh the pros and cons.

Even if she is soft-hearted and lets the Feng family off the hook, she will still have her own reasons and a backup plan, so you dont have to worry.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Back at the villa residences, Yun Xi went home first.

Grandpa, Second Uncle, and Second Aunt were all there.

Yun Xi chatted with them absentmindedly for some time before going out again.

She had been thinking about the problems with the Feng family, and, after thinking about it for a long time, she had made up her mind to face it.

As long as Feng Yangs values were honorable and what he did was decent, she would ignore the grievances of the previous generation for the benefit of the people living today.

After all, the Feng family had also been implicated in this matter.

The Crocodile organization was too widespread, and she needed to eradicate it from Jun Country bit by bit.

Moreover, after Feng Yang got the codeword pad, he did not hide it from her, but sent it to her secretly.

When that happened, she knew that he would not help those who had bad intentions.

However, from his point of view, as the eldest son of the Feng family, he must consider his familys interests and reputation, and it was impossible to do anything that negatively affected the clan.

She could understand his feelings, so she wanted to solve the Feng familys problems before her plan started to be put into play.

She rang the doorbell, and it was Auntie Zhang who came to open the door.

She was a little surprised when she saw that it was Yun Xi.

“Auntie, Im looking for Feng Yang.

Is he at home”

“Yes, he is.

Come on in!” Auntie called into the house, and Feng Yang, who was coming downstairs after hearing the doorbell, saw the figure standing in the hallway and recognized her immediately.

He hadnt expected that she would come to find him so quickly.

Feng Yang glanced at Auntie and asked her to bring some ice water for them.

“I heard that you were not allowed to leave the house.

How do you feel”

Feng Yang shrugged nonchalantly.

“Im just treating it as a break.

What about you How are things coming along”

Yun Xi knew what he was asking, and her eyes darted around.

Feng Yang immediately understood what she meant.

“Only Auntie and I are at home.

My parents and grandpa have gone out.”

“I have something to tell you in private.

Can you try to shoo Auntie away”

There were no secrets in the villa residences.

Yun Xi wanted to tell him about these things in private and did not want others to overhear their conversation.

“Okay!” Feng Yang nodded and called Auntie, asking her to go out to buy watermelons, thus instantly sending her away.

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