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Chapter 1041: Withdraw and Save Yourself

“In fact, you should have known very well that the Feng family was being dragged down by Crocodile.

If you choose to blindly continue down this path, then, in the end, you will only compromise your promising future.

After all, there is nothing that cant be broken.

As for me, I will not give up easily.

I will pursue him to the end, and if you stick by him, then you will also become my mortal enemy.

This is not the future you should be aiming for.

Since Ive already set up my scheme, and you know I wont give up easily, now would be a good opportunity for you to pull your family out of their association with Crocodile.”

“If you are representing what the Young Commander wants also, then Ill listen to you.

Just hearing about your plan makes me not want to be your enemy.

On the contrary, I am rather looking forward to the day when the balance of power in Jingdu is broken by you.”

“No matter what happens in the future, the Young Commander has given the Feng family an excuse to get rid of their association with Crocodile.

If they remain stuck in their ways, Im afraid the situation will get worse for them in the future.”

After his experience of almost being used as a test subject and seeing others being used as living test subjects, he had no intention of letting Crocodile escape punishment.

But he had not expected that this matter would involve such a huge organization or that it would involve even his own family.

He had hoped that his father had not gotten too involved, nor did he want the entire Feng family to be implicated.

As he was already struggling with this dilemma, Yun Xis appearance gave him and the Feng family a way out.

This way, he would not have to choose between his convictions and his loved ones.

This would be one more favor that he owes to Yun Xi.

If it hadnt been that they were already friends, he would have been the first person that she would have had to deal with.

From the very beginning, he had had no intention of becoming her enemy.

“Well, thats the deal.

You take care of your own family matters, and call me if you need anything.”

Once the deal was made, Yun Xi did not stay long, but stood up and bid farewell to Feng Yang.

There were things that he needed time to mull over and digest, and he also needed time to discuss everything with his father.

She had laid the groundwork, and now she was prepared for whatever happened.

Feng Yang walked her to the door and hesitantly asked the perplexing question that had been in his heart for a long time, “Yun Xi, has the Young Commander known who Crocodile was for a long time”

Yun Xi froze and lightly shook her head.

“He knew that Crocodile was an organization early on, as well as that the Feng family and other families were involved.

The reason why he did not touch you guys is because a single hair affects the whole body, and he did not want to alarm the mastermind behind the organization.

As for who is in charge of this organization, he has not found out yet.

I am also doing my best to try to uncover this devil who is dragging your Feng family into the muck.”

“If you need help, feel free to ask me.

After all, catching crocodiles is also my duty.

If there are any clues I can figure out after I talk to my dad, I will get in touch with you and inform you about it.”

“All right!” Yun Xi nodded and smiled frankly at him.

“Our partnership hasnt changed, but you have to take care of your familys business first.”

Withdrawing now at the beginning of her plan in order to safeguard the Feng family was the most intelligent thing to do.

She believed that Feng Yang would understand this principle and so would General Feng.

When she came out of the Feng family home, Yun Xi unexpectedly saw Liang Xinyi standing at the entrance of the villa residences.

She paused and looked at her through a window in a door.

Liang Xinyi had originally been going to pass an invitation to the guard at the door, but when she saw Yun Xi, she couldnt help but frown and make no effort to hide the disgust on her face.

“Miss Yun, you have arrived just in time.” The guard at the door duty room saw Yun Xi, stuck his head out of the window, and said to Liang Xinyi, “You can give the invitation to Miss Yun.”

Yun Xi walked up and looked at Liang Xinyi, one on the outside and one on the inside.

Their situations had been reversed in just a few months time.

When she had first arrived back in Jingdu, she had stood at the entrance of the Yun family home, watching Liang Xinyi hogging her identity, proudly standing in the Yun family courtyard, and they had been separated by a door as well at that time.

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