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Chapter 1043: No Humiliation

Early that evening, Yun Xi received a call from her second aunt after class, letting her know that Liang Xiuqin had taken Yun Ziling out to buy a new dress, even skipping the family meal.

The Su family wedding was less than three days away, so Liang Xiuqin was dreaming about finding a husband for Yun Ziling and wanted to seize this opportunity.

Naturally, she wasnt going to waste any time getting her a beautiful gown.

Meanwhile, good news had come from Su Hangs lab that the vaccine for the virus had been successfully cultivated.

Since Mu Feichi wasnt allowing her to get anywhere near the virus, she was just relieved that this threat had been eliminated for everyone in Jingdu.

When she returned to her apartment, Yun Xi was stopped in her tracks with surprise when she saw Mu Feichi in the kitchen, looking as if he was preparing to cook.

Hearing her come in, Mu Feichi greeted her and brought out a bowl of red bean paste sweet soup.

“Eat this first, dinner will be ready in a minute.”

Yun Xi looked at the bowl of soup and couldnt resist teasing him.

“Eh Young Commander, I didnt know you could cook sweet soup!”

He had also remembered to put in some lotus seeds.

It looked pretty tasty.

“I didnt cook it.

I brought it down from Tianyu Mountain.”

“Oh, I see…” Sitting down at the table, Yun Xi gazed at the figure in the kitchen with his back to her, his angular body emitting a masculine charm that only belonged to him.

This was her first time seeing Mu Feichi prepare dinner.

It was hard to imagine that such a proud, noble man would be willing to work in the kitchen to prepare a meal.

“Young Commander…” Remembering the arrogant look of Liang Xinyi at the entrance to the villa residences today, Yun Xi hesitantly began to tell him her worries.

Originally, she had not intended to take advantage of their relationship to secure an invitation to the socialite ball.

After all, she really had tons more important things to do now.

Also, in order to deal with Crocodile and the enormous organization that surrounds him, her relationship with Mu Feichi was better kept on the down low.


Otherwise, the more people that were aware of their relationship could exploit her as his weakness.

This could become a hindrance and a problem, both for her and for him.

HMMM “Whats wrong” Mu Feichi turned, his dark eyes looking at her, the way she was half-supporting her face and tilting her head, soft and delicate like a little wife waiting to be served.

The glint in the mans eyes was tender and loving.

“Has the time for the socialite ball been set Are you the final arbiter of when it will be”

“Why are you asking me about this” Mu Feichi scrutinized her expression for a moment, turned off the stove, and walked over.

“Previously, you said you were not interested in participating, so I did not ask much about it and have been letting it be handled by Baifan.

But Im the final arbiter of when and where it will be, and Im in charge of all of it this year.”

“If I suddenly decide to participate, could you arrange for me to get an invitation Of course, I wouldnt want you to do it too obviously or people will start to talk about us having a relationship.

I worry that not only Crocodile, but also plenty of your old enemies, would start to notice me then.”

“It is absolutely no problem if you want to participate, but you have to first tell me what made you change your mind.

Who has provoked you”

Mu Feichi frowned as he tried to determine who had troubled her.

There couldnt be too many people who could provoke her into attending the ball.

Lowering her gaze, Yun Xi laughed bitterly.

“I saw Liang Xinyi today at the entrance of the villa residences.

Her dad has loved her so much ever since she was a child.

I grew up envying those two sisters who had parents who loved them, but in the end, they both, along with their mother, abandoned Uncle.

In their eyes, glory and wealth seemed more important than family or love.”

Mu Feichi understood what had happened.

He nodded, raised his hand to stroke her head, his eyes filled with heartache and sympathy.

“The Jiang familys daughter is not yet old enough to participate in the ball.

I will have their invitation delivered to you.

You can participate as a member of the Jiang family, and your status will not be lower than any other familys daughter.”

Yun Xi was just about to say something when Mu Feichi raised his hand to stop her.

“I forbid you to refuse.

I could get you a place easily, but I dont want my woman to suffer even the slightest bit.

You are the future Mrs.


Your status must be honorable, so that no one can bully or humiliate you.

Do you understand what I mean”

Even if she is not yet Mrs.

Mu, not yet the Young Commanders wife, he will not allow anyone to humiliate his woman.

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