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Chapter 1048: As Hard As Possible

“Someone else” Liang Xinyi laughed coldly.

She firmly believed that there was no one in the Su family who knew Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was clearly lying to her.

She had run a background check, and of all the children of the family, only Su Ximan had met Yun Xi.

Everyone else had never met her and thus had no reason to give her an invitation.

Liang Xinyi felt completely self-assured.

Su Ximan was clever.

After what had happened previously with Feng Yang, she should have been on her guard around Yun Xi.

But she decided it was all the more reason for her to send her an invitation.

“What status do you have Do you think the Su family is a joke Why would they invite you What honor do you have to be invited”

“Of course she has honor!” The voice who answered Liang Xinyi was not Zhao Yumo, but rather Su Ximan who had been observing the exchange from behind Liang Xinyi the entire time.

She had picked up on the disturbance a while ago.

When she overheard from the external security staff that the Young Commander had arrived, she and Su Donglin had gone to welcome him.

However, she had not expected to run into Liang Xinyi causing a scene about Yun Xi.

Yun Xis invitation had been sandwiched between the invitations Su Donglin had sent to the Young Commander.

However, it was not convenient for him to get involved in this conflict, so he had signaled for Su Ximan to intervene.

Su Ximan knew Yun Xi after all, and she was a girl, hence she was more appropriate to confront Liang Xinyi.

Liang Xinyi froze as soon as the sound of that voice reached her.

The voice was extremely familiar to her.

Not only was the tone of the voice strong, but there was also a loud unchallenged pride in her chilling words.

It was an unforgettable voice.

All the gung ho energy and self-assurance that had been in Liang Xinyis heart instantly disappeared as soon as Su Ximan stepped out.

Su Ximan was the official eldest daughter of the Su family, crowned by blood ties.

Liang Xinyi and Liang Danyi were simply parasites who had come with their mother.

Even if their mother did marry into the Su family, they would always remain as outsiders with no relation to the Su family.

In terms of status or position, the two were leagues apart.

In the eyes of Su Ximan, her position was no different from Yun Xis as a plain civilian, to the extent that she was no different than a stranger on the street.

Although she had busied herself all day with receiving guests for the wedding, no one in the Su family had spared her a glance.

The inequality in their status and position had caused Liang Xinyi indescribable shame and even ignited a rivalry and thirst for her position.

She believed she would stand at the top one day, and those who had looked down on her would have no other choice but to curse and look up to her.

Therefore, she would tolerate every humiliation that was thrown at her!

There would come the day when they would regret their attitude toward her today.

However, she had not reached that state of power yet.

Once Su Ximan approached her, she was subconsciously crushed by an immense weight.

The crowds parted to form a path for Su Ximan to move through.

Su Ximan glared coldly at Liang Xinyi.

The diamonds that lined the V-shaped neckline of her black gown shimmered like stars as they complimented her gorgeous features.

She emitted a proud, cold beauty and power.

Liang Xinyis hands started to shake and involuntarily gripped the invitation that seemed to burn her palms at the moment.

“I have invited Yun Xi.

Shes my VIP in fact.

Who are you to chase my own guest off All of our honored guests tonight have been invited by the Su family.

If there is anyone who should be removed, it should be us making that call.

Since when has it been your right I dont care who you invited, but this invitation came from me.

Yun Xi is my guest, and being rude to my guest is equivalent to being rude to me.

Apologize to Yun Xi right now!”

The words slammed mercilessly against Liang Xinyis face like a block of ice.

They hit her as hard as possible, and she was left in pain and in shame.

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