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Chapter 105: Does This Slap in the Face Hurt

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Yun Xi carefully examined the Longyun Jade Seal in her hand.

This seal was completely different from any ordinary seals that shed seen.

The carvings of the clouds and the dragon were startlingly lifelike.

It would be evident to anyone that it wasnt from an ordinary collection, but that is was incredibly valuable.

Mu Feichi had used this item from his personal collection to set a trap to hurt her mother and her.

He truly had underestimated her.

After putting away the jade seal, she turned around and left the bathroom.

She took the elevator to the third floor.

According to her memories from her previous life, whenever there was an auction, the items to be auctioned were usually kept on the second or third floors.

The fourth floor consisted of large conference rooms that definitely werent suitable or safe for storing items.

Above the fifth floor was only hotel rooms, and the actual auction site was on the first floor, so that also contained no area to store things.

After she inspected the area, she finally set her sights on the tightly guarded third floor.

She realized that it would be impossible for her to go in from the front, because it was tightly guarded.

She returned to the first floor, walked to the fire exit, and fled to the stairs when nobody was paying attention.

Pushing open a corner window and using both hands to support herself, she flipped over the windowsill and jumped into the flower garden outside the hotel.

All the security personnel were in the hotel, and the tall branches of the foliage in the garden provided good cover for her.

The light was dim, and she looked around.

She gauged the direction toward the doorman and finally figured out the specific location of the storeroom.

Yun Xi had never thought that she would have to do wall climbing.

Mu Feichi had previously asked her to climb over the wall, but shed found a reason to bluntly refuse.

She didnt want to do something so exhausting and unsightly.

After much arduous effort, she climbed up to the third floor along a drainpipe.

The lights on the third floor were on, and she carefully climbed over to the window.

Looking in, she could see that the auction items inside were placed one by one on the display shelves, so it seemed that she had indeed found the right place.

Delighted, she pushed open the window and jumped in.

But shed never imagined in her wildest dreams that after shed jumped into the room, before she could even find the place where the Longyun Jade Seal was supposed to have been placed, she saw a figure sitting on the sofa right in the middle of the room!

When she saw the man on the sofa, she couldnt help but gasp.

She had originally been overjoyed that things were going smoothly, and, as long as she turned things around, she wouldnt suffer too much damage tonight.

But when she saw the man in front of her, she realized that whether she could turn the situation around depended on whether Mu Feichi wanted to or not.

The light in the storage room was bright, and the man in front of her was sitting on the single sofa with his one leg casually resting on the other..

The bright crystal lights overhead accentuated his fine facial features and defined bone structure.

The contours of his profile were nearly perfect, and his eyes were long and narrow.

In a dark green suit with a dark tie, his outfit alone established his status as the one and only Young Marshal Mu.

The solemn formal attire balanced his fierce aura, and he emanated the sophistication of a man with much vigor and experience.

At the moment, he was holding a book in his hand, and, slightly raising his eyes, he stared at her aloofly, yet deeply.

Like…a hunter watching his prey enter his realm.

Yun Xi clenched her fists and thought it over.

This feeling she had of being caught made her feel as if she had fallen into a hunters trap.

Gritting her teeth, she took a deep breath and stepped forward.

Now that she had been caught in this game that hed set up for her, she could only face the enemy head-on.

Suddenly, she swept away the objects on the tea table in front of him and coolly sat down right in front of him.

She herself could lose but she mustnt lose her game.

In fact, she hadnt lost yet.

In a battle of wits against Mu Feichi, besides having extraordinary boldness, she had to be thick-skinned and stubborn as well.

Sitting face to face, she frowned as she glared at the man in front of her.

“Little rascal, didnt you say that you dont climb walls”

Mu Feichi raised his hand and gently patted her tender face with a faint smile on his thin lips.

“Does this slap in the face hurt Huh”

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