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Chapter 1051: The Man I Like

Gritting her teeth, Liang Danyi swallowed her unhappiness and nodded.

“All right, I will listen to you from now on.”

She had just thought that the dress was beautiful and did not expect that her dress sense would be so far from that of all the wealthy society ladies of Jingdu.

“Good to know.” Liang Xinyi gave Liang Danyi a glance and suppressed the wave of anger stirring in her.

Because she wanted to groom her sister into a fine lady and possibly marry her into a wealthy family, Liang Xinyi had an unusual amount of patience.

“Sister, who were the two guests that Brother Su had with him The man in the dark green suit was really handsome.”

Thinking about the two guests Su Donglin had personally led to the main table, Liang Danyi felt as if love was in the air.

Her heart had skipped a beat.

Since Su Donglin was so respectful of them, they must be people of great importance.

Liang Danyi thought that Su Donglin was quite handsome also.

She wasnt expecting to see someone even more dashing, let alone two at once.

Liang Xinyi knew who her sister was talking about right away.

Everyone else was wearing black or gray at the banquet, and only the Young Commander had been wearing a dark green suit.

He was always so dazzling among people in a crowd.

Liang Xinyi glared at her irritably.

“Clean that drool off your face.

Hes the man I like.”

“Oh You like him too”

“What do you mean by that” Liang Xinyi glanced at Liang Danyi and sneered.

There was a hint of mockery in her voice as if laughing at her sister for overestimating herself.

It was as if the man they were talking about already belonged to her, and she couldnt help feeling a sense of pride.

“Who do you think you are to hanker after a man of his status”

“I wouldnt even dare to dream about it.

I just thought he looked really handsome.” Liang Danyi quickly hid her feelings and continued asking with a smile, “Who is he From what youre saying, I guess he isnt someone ordinary.”

“He is Mu Feichi, the Young Commander of Jun Country.”

“Oh He…he is the Young Commander Really”

Liang Danyi felt as if she was in disbelief.

She suddenly gripped Liang Xinyis arm as the feelings of surprise had overwhelmed her.

No wonder he looked so dashing and poised.

Looking at him would send anyones heart racing.

Mu Feichi rarely appeared in the media, unless it was about something on the international news or because of some important meeting, so it wasnt easy for anyone to meet him.

Liang Danyi had only heard of his name before this.

Now that she had actually seen him close up today for the first time, she realized that she had actually met a legendary man.

The status of the Su family in Jingdu indeed was extraordinary.

The people in Muyang had always respected soldiers.

As she had been exposed to such sentiments since shed been very young, Liang Danyi also admired and looked up to such heroic figures.

Being able to have a big shot like this at her mothers wedding, Liang Danyi suddenly realized that her status was no longer the same as it had been before.

And she also felt like her future seemed to be brighter.

“Why are you so excited!” Liang Xinyi glared at her.

Then she warned her, “Stop showing your ignorant side.

Let me remind you that you must not offend any of the guests today, especially those at the main table.

Those are the people who even the Su family cannot afford to offend.

Even though our mother is now part of the Su family, we are still in an awkward position.

So dont expect the Su family to stand up for us if anything happens.”

“I got it.”

“And that bitchy Yun Xi is also here.

So you must be careful and dont provoke her, especially today.”

“What Why is she here I thought you didnt invite her” Liang Danyi panicked when she thought about Yun Xi!

“Su Ximan invited her.

And who knows what is going through Yun Xis mind, so you better not provoke her.

And no matter what it is, we will talk about it after today.”

If something happened and disrupted the wedding, then the losses they would suffer would definitely outweigh any benefits they might gain.

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