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Chapter 1052: Better Friend Than Foe

In the VIP lounge on the second floor, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were fascinated as they watched Su Ximan happily enjoying the bowl of mung bean soup.

This young lady of the Su family had embarrassed Liang Xinyi just now without batting an eye.

Shed looked arrogant and powerful then, but now she looked just like a child.

The change in her temperament had happened in the blink of an eye, and Yun Xi was impressed with that.

This young lady had indeed been brought up by Su Donglin, who was known as the smiling tiger.

Their temperaments were precisely the same, completely unpredictable.

Liang Xinyi was way too inexperienced to try and compete with Su Ximan.

It seemed as if Yun Xi didnt need to worry about Liang Xinyi at all.

No matter how cunning Liang Xinyi was, she couldnt compete with Su Ximan.

Yun Xi felt that she should have gauged Su Ximans abilities more.

She was definitely more powerful than Yun Xi had originally thought.

“Why arent you eating Have a bite! The mung bean soup from this famous store is delicious.

They add lotus seeds and lily bulbs, so it smells amazing.”

Su Ximan looked up and noticed that they were staring at her.

She was feeling very relaxed, and there was an overflowing sense of friendliness on her beautiful face.

The cold and haughty expression she had had when she was dealing with Liang Xinyi had disappeared into thin air.

Yun Xi nodded and smiled as she expressed her thanks.

“Thank you for helping me out just now.”

“You dont have to thank me for that.

My brother sent you the invitation, so you are our guest no matter what.

What Liang Xinyi did was not what a host should do.

She can embarrass herself as much as she wants, but the Su family cant be embarrassed like that.

I was only doing what I should do as the daughter of the Su family.

What Su Ximan had done was to uphold the Su familys reputation.

Why would Su Ximan need to care about Liang Xinyis feelings or circumstances

Besides, Liang Xinyi was the one who had been embarrassing herself.

As the daughter of the Su family, Su Ximan had stepped in and apologized to Yun Xi.

Watching that behavior, people would only say that she was a sensible and understanding young lady.

On the other hand, Liang Xinyi made herself look like an ignorant and uncultured country bumpkin.

Having been immersed in this environment all her life, Su Ximan definitely knew a lot more than Liang Xinyi regarding what people would be thinking in such a situation.

Anyway, she didnt lose anything by apologizing to Yun Xi.

Other than protecting the reputation of the Su family, she would also have an excuse to deal with Liang Xinyi.

It was her chance to kill two birds with one stone.

Liang Xinyi would definitely try to get back at Yun Xi for the embarrassment she had suffered this night.

But Yun Xi is a very smart girl, so she will make Liang Xinyi regret anything she does without having to even dirty her hands.

Su Ximan paused, and it seemed as if something had come into her mind.

She leaned back in her chair and looked at Yun Xi seriously.

“Actually, I should be the one thanking you instead.

Thank you for saving Feng Yang.

I heard about the biological weapons, and I know that if you and the Young Commander had not saved him, I would have lost my fiancé.”

While saying that, Su Ximan held up her bowl of mung bean soup in a toast to Yun Xi.

“This is a toast to you.


Yun Xi was amused at Su Ximans action.

So she raised a bowl to make a toast and figured shed just made a new friend.

Someone like Su Ximan should be kept as a friend instead of a foe.

It wasnt long before Feng Yang came up to their table and told them that the banquet had already started.

Su Ximan grabbed Feng Yangs arm and gestured toward Yun Xi.

They then took the lift down to the banquet hall together.

The wedding banquet had already begun.

As it was the fourth uncles second marriage, the wedding ceremony was not only extravagant but also simple.

The groom and bride started going around to greet the guests after their short wedding speeches.

Yun Xi looked at the bride and groom giving toasts to guests a few tables away.

Dressed in a red ball gown and covered with jewelry, Chen Lixue looked a lot younger, especially when she stood beside Liang Xiuqin.

Liang Xiuqin really paled in comparison to her.

Besides Chen Lixues charms, her appearance and body figure were indeed what the Su familys fourth uncle liked.

It was also why she had been able to attract his attention and successfully marry into the Su family.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were seated behind the main table.

They couldnt hear what Chen Lixue said to Liang Xiuqin, but they could see Liang Xiuqins face turning dark.

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