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Chapter 1053: Special Table

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The main table was specially reserved for honored guests of the three noble families and the four wealthiest families.

Naturally, those at this table had a different status from everyone else.

In fact, the focus of all the guests at the wedding was on this table and not on the bride.

As the head of the Su family, Su Donglin presided over the table for the guests of honor, while the elders of the Su family sat at another table nearby.

Second weddings were never as glorious as first weddings, and the fourth son of the Su family was not the family favorite.

It also didnt help that the older bride had brought her two children into the marriage.

The Su family was very proud and maintained a subtle presence.

There was only one elder of the Su family who sat at the main table, because she was the only one who was willing to.

She was the aunt of Su Donglin, a daughter of Grandfather Su who he had conceived in his later years.

She was only two years older than Su Donglin.

She was dressed in a black suit with a white lace blouse and had the energy of a strong career woman.

She was seated next to Mu Feichi, and the two had been engaged in a conversation about the market.

Their smooth interaction had come as a shock to everyone watching the table.

Despite being quite a distance away, Yun Xi could sense the amiable attitude of Mu Feichi, which was normally so rare in these kind of circumstances.

Yun Xi had encountered this woman, Su Shan, in her past life, but she had never known her well.

However, if she had stood out to Mu Feichi despite being of the same status as Han Qin of the Han family, there must have been something different about her.

Chen Yichen, who had been walking around in search of Yun Xi, finally spotted her and headed her way.

As he approached, many near Yun Xi immediately offered up their seats to him.

Instead, Chen Yichen waved his hand and stood behind Yun Xi.

“Dont leave right away.

Theres a small after-party after the wedding banquet, and I would like to discuss some things with you.”

Yun Xi nodded and agreed.

Those who were sharing the table with Yun Xi did not see her as anyone special, but the arrival of the Eldest Heir had changed their perceptions of her.

Once Chen Yichen left, Mu Feichis gaze fell on her table.

Yun Xi smirked at him.

While he had been bantering with another woman, she had maintained her cool.

Jiang Qilin and Jing Yi were there as representatives of the Jiang family.

Han Yaotian was attending on the Han familys behalf.

Han Qin had wanted to come too, but after she had offended Mu Feichi, the most elder Han had forbidden her from appearing in public as she had been offensive and humiliated their family.

Barely anyone paid attention to the banquet.

That was except for Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo, who enjoyed the food happily.

The wedding banquet was simple, and most everyone was concentrated on the main table where the honored guests were.

It was almost as if the bride and groom did not exist.

Chen Lixue gave Yun Xi a dark stare as she held Su Zongpings hand.

She was in a fantastic mood.

She had humiliated Liang Xiuqin and bedded her man and successfully separated the couple.

She had returned all the years of hatred to her, and now she herself had successfully married into the elites.

She was the fourth lady of the Su family now.

She believed the Su family would not take kindly to any plots from Yun Xi.

Although she was a happy bride, there was dissatisfaction in her heart.

The Su family had covered all costs of the wedding as she was the one with two children and no connections and hence did not have the grounds to argue.

However, Liang Xinyi had suggested a small buffet banquet to Su Donglin after the wedding as a means for the sisters to network with the socialites of Jingdu.

The proposal was going to provide an opportunity for Liang Xinyi to get closer to the Young Commander, and in fact it had coincided with the intentions of the Su family.

Since it was hard to find another excuse to firm up the relationship with the three noble families, the Su family posed no objections.

As the wedding reception came to a close, the hotel staff invited those guests who had chosen to stay to move to another banquet hall.

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