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Chapter 1055: Pink Peach Blossom

Yun Xi glanced at the pillar in the corner without intending to do anything.

Qiao Ximin had already helped her out.

No matter what Liang Xinyi had wanted to do, it would now be exposed on the CCTV footage, so she need not go the extra mile.


Yun Xi looked at the footprints around the camera.

Liang Xinyi knew to stay in the blind spot of the surveillance cameras, but Qiao Ximin obviously didnt understand that.

When she had gotten herself involved, her face had been caught on camera.

Now, that gave Yun Xi a chance to bring her down.

Now that she had made a move, she was in it for real.

Yun Xi was about to go back to the party, but saw Feng Yang leaning against the wall and looking at her, about to walk over toward her.

“Why did you come down here”

Feng Yang started casually teasing her.

“I was afraid that something was going to happen to you.

After all, the night is dark and windy.”

“What can happen to me” Yun Xi chuckled lightly.

“Do I look like a good target to bully”

“In special times, you should be more careful.”

“I know it, dont worry.” Yun Xi nodded and turned to look around her.

“Lets go.

There is going to be a good show to watch, and we shouldnt miss it.”

Feng Yang raised his eyebrows.

When he had seen Liang Xinyi, Qiao Ximin, and Yun Xi, who had not shown herself, he had already guessed that something was going to happen.

Looking at Yun Xis confidence, he believed that she was going to be the winner in the fight between these women.

The after-party on the second floor was still lively.

Yun Xi and Feng Yang returned to the room one after another and saw that the scene had already transformed into a networking event.

The wedding banquet had been inconvenient for relationships and conversations, but now everyone could not wait to seize every minute they could.

As soon as Yun Xi came in, she saw Jiang Chenghuan surrounded by many businesspeople.

However, Mu Feichi and Huo Tingxiao were only accompanied by Su Donglin and Su Shan.

Mu Feichis eyes swept over as soon as he saw her coming in.

His somber gaze paused for a moment, before he quickly looked away.

Su Shan, who had been paying attention to Mu Feichis movements, caught sight of where he was looking and tilted her head slightly.

She teased him with a half-smile, “Young Commander, youve been restless all night because of that little pink peach blossom, right”

“…..” As soon as Su Shan spoke, Mu Feichis piercing gaze fell on her.

He had failed to notice that his mind was elsewhere the entire night, but she had realized it.

“Auntie…” Su Donglin said warningly.

He saw Mu Feichis sullen expression and frowningly shook his head to hint at Su Shan.

Su Shan was a clever person and understood at once.

She smiled and did not ask any more questions.

Even if she asked, she wasnt going to get any news from Mu Feichi.

You could not mess with the Young Commander, but she could always ask her nephew questions, right

After making her way through the crowd, Yun Xi found Zhao Yumo standing in the corner and noticed her staring intently at Jiang Chenghuan.

Her upset expression made her nervous.

“Yumo, the angry look in your eyes is too obvious.

If you really cant get used to Jiang Chenghuans style, go give him a beating.”

After all, it wouldnt have been the first time Zhao Yumo had given him a beating.

If she wanted to do it, at most Jiang Chenghuan would defend himself, but he would certainly not return the blows if it wasnt during training time.

Although he seemed arrogant, he had the Jiang familys upbringing and gentlemanly manner.

“Who are you kidding Why do I need to be angry” Zhao Yumo snorted softly and turned her head to look at Yun Xi.

She forced herself to withdraw her gaze from Jiang Chenghuan and stop paying attention to what was going on over there.

“Where did you go just now Why did I see Feng Yang walking with you”

“I saw Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi going somewhere up to no good.

I guess there will be a good show later.

Dont you miss it!”

Yun Xi winked at her slyly.

Her pretty face had an evil expression, and Zhao Yumo felt that she had a pair of devil wings behind her back.

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