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Chapter 1063: Young Master Huo Steps Up

The low, raspy voice had sent the noisy masses into instant silence.

The crowds parted in unison as Huo Tingxiao walked down from the corridor.

Dressed head to toe in an ink-colored three-piece suit, his proud figure moved like the ruler of the underworld in the dim lighting.

His brooding gaze coupled with his handsome features were fixed in a solemn expression, and he carried an unchallenged and commanding aura.

“She didnt push her down.”

Stopping, Huo Tingxiao turned to Su Ximan.

His brooding eyes were like icy ponds of coldness.

The crowd turned toward the head of the Huo family.

Young Master Huo had never been one to delve into others business.

If the most low-key head of the three noble families was the Young Commander, Huo Tingxiao ran a close second.

If he chose to stand up for the young girl, there must be some relationship between them.

She may seem like an ordinary girl, but Su Ximan was a friend of hers and now one of the heads of the three noble families had stood up for her.

What did it all mean

The crowd was full of players in the financial world.

They would be crystal clear about the relationships between all the big names.

She was a friend of Su Ximan, the lifesaver of the Eldest Heir, and the soon-to-be daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.

Now Young Master Huo had stepped out to speak on her behalf.

Her ordinary status was extremely special.

“You saw it, Young Master Huo” Su Ximan was stunned.

But as she suddenly recalled that he had stood beside the Young Commander at the window, the likelihood of him witnessing the incident was rather high.

However, for Young Master Huo to step out and defend Yun Xi when the Young Commander did not do so, Su Ximan had a premonition that this would not end very well.

“She was the one who tried to push Miss Yun into the water, but fell in instead.

She was the person behind this.”

Huo Tingxiao gave Liang Xinyi a cold stare.

One such look from him was enough to fill the room with a suffocating atmosphere.

Watching from the upper floors, he had witnessed with his own eyes Liang Xinyis intentions toward Yun Xi.

Fortunately, Yun Xi had been clever enough to avoid it.

It was not difficult to imagine what kind of villain she was with such a vicious heart at her young age.

Hed heard that the two were cousins as well.

It must have been hard for Yun Xi to grow up in the same environment with someone who had such a vile heart, and it was unbelievable that Yun Xi still had such a good attitude today.

Liang Xinyi knew Huo Tingxiao had truly witnessed the scene once he spoke up.

It did not matter what he said he saw.

He was the only witness.

If she didnt change her story, there was no security footage to prove him right.

Moreover, she had the upper hand as the victim.

She could use the sympathy from all those around her to make them believe in her.

“No, it was not me! She pushed me down there.”

Liang Xinyi wiped her tears pitifully, and her eyes were red as she looked up at the crowd.

“You cant defend her, Young Master Huo.

She obviously pushed me in because she wanted to kill me.

How dare you accuse me without evidence…”

Before Liang Xinyi could finish her words, Han Zhongteng, who had been wiping the water off her, gave her a menacing glare, one that seemed to yell “Be quiet!”

Who did Liang Xinyi think she was talking to

He was Huo Tingxiao, the head of the Huo Corporation.

He was someone who could bring the stock market down overnight if he felt like it, someone Liang Xinyi should never offend.

How could she step so out of line

Huo Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and his eyes displayed a chilling hint of amusement.

He smiled as he turned to Liang Xinyi, but the dazzling smile sent a cold sweat down the backs of everyone present.

“Its been a while since someone doubted my word.”

Liang Xinyi froze on the spot, her hands started to shake out of control.

Her facade of innocence started to break as her eyes could no longer conceal her fear and her guilt.

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