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Chapter 1064: A Brewing Disaster

“No, no, thats not what I meant.

I didnt doubt Young Master Huo.

I just thought it was weird that you sided with Yun Xi.

People will think that you wronged me because I have no status so I can bear the guilt…”

Chen Lixue had jumped into the argument fearlessly as well.

“Yes, Young Master Huo, I know what kind of person my daughter is.

She would never do such a thing! She cant swim and is afraid of the water.

If someone hadnt pushed her in, she wouldnt have been in there at all.

Yun Xi is the one behind this.

She is nothing but a devil.

She was never good to my Xinyi growing up.

Dont be fooled by her.

My Xinyi has been wronged…”

Han Zhongteng was staring so hard at the mother-and-daughter pair that it looked as if his eyes would fall out.

Never had he felt more inclined to give the two a good smack on their heads.

How could they be so brainless The pair was definitely beyond help…”

“Quiet! How can Young Master Huo wrong anyone”

He wondered if water had gotten into Liang Xinyis brains and some had sneaked into Chen Lixues by osmosis.

These two who were crossing Huo Tingxiao were not going to have a happy ending.

“Wronged What a word to use.”

The smile on Huo Tingxiaos face had disappeared, and he exhaled quietly.

He shifted his gaze onto Su Donglin and his pupils were as cold as December snow.

“Never have I heard these kind of words in my life until now.”

This statement was like an enormous slab of dirt smeared across the reputation of the Su family.

All of their expressions turned sour, and they could not wait to eliminate the troublemaking trio on the spot.

The oppressive atmosphere of the swimming pool had lifted as the masses turned to look at the mother-and-daughter pair with sympathy.

If anyone else had been in this situation, they would rather have borne wrongly accused guilt than confront Huo Tingxiao.

Unless they did not plan to remain in Jingdu… Then one was welcome to challenge him as much as one liked.

The careless behavior from the pair was absurd and illogical in everyones perspective.

What divine power did they believe in that could save them from this situation

Even the Su family could not save them.

In fact, there was nothing the Su family wanted more than to be on good terms with the Huo family.

The pair were digging their own graves by offending the Huo family.

This wedding had been a disaster from start to finish.

The bride was a complete jinx, and she had dragged along two other troublemakers in her daughters.

Who knew what trouble they would bring next.

Su Donglin knew that he had to intervene before Liang Xinyi ruined the Su familys reputation, but Huo Tingxiao stopped him before he could speak.

“If you think I wronged you, then lets check the security monitor.

If I have wronged you, then we will leave it there, and Yun Xi will apologize to you.

However, if it turns out that I was right…”

Huo Tingxiao turned to Su Donglin and said, “Then the Su family better think through how they want to clean up this mess.”

Su Donglin inhaled deeply and nodded his acknowledgement.

Liang Xinyi could not have missed the dark gaze he threw toward her like a sharpened blade.

“No matter what, the Su family will handle it for your liking, Young Master Huo.”

As the head of the Su family, if he did not handle the case well, it could cause the downfall of the entire family.

There was no telling what Young Master Huo would do if this was not handled properly, and, needless to say, he was afraid to even think how the Young Commander would treat the Su family.

This mother-and-sisters trio were nothing but a plague that had been visited upon the Su family.

Liang Xinyis hands continued to grip her towel tightly, and her face looked completely nervous, but she could finally swallow the breath that had been caught in her throat.

If she hadnt disconnected the security monitor and thus destroyed any evidence, she wouldnt have started this whole brouhaha.

Anyway, without any evidence, even Huo Tingxias words meant nothing.

Yun Xi was going to have to apologize to her.

Her plan to kill Yun Xi had failed today.

She was going to have to find another way to take revenge on Yun Xi.

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