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Chapter 106: Ive Had a Hard Life, So Im Not Afraid of You Jinxing Me

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His rough palm touched her face, and the sensation caused her to shiver.

Yun Xi bit her lip, raised her head, and took a deep breath.

He was waiting for her here just to give her a slap in the face

She had said that she wouldnt do something as silly as climbing walls, but what point was there to set up such an elaborate scheme just to give her a slap in the face

“Young Marshal Mu, what about your promise not to intervene Wasnt that a slap in the face”

She also raised her hand unceremoniously and slapped him twice on the face.

The force shed used was much stronger than his, and it sounded especially crisp in the quiet storage room.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

“Using so much force, my little rascal seems very infuriated!”

Mu Feichi curled his lips slightly and his clear eyes narrowed a little.

It was possible to see a little tenderness in his fierce demeanor.

He pinched her chin and then shook it lightly back and forth.

Touching her soft skin made him reluctant to let go.

With her blood boiling, Yun Xi slapped his hand away and raised her eyes, which were full of frustration and rage.

Taking out the jade seal from her handbag, she grabbed his wrist and slapped the jade seal into his hand.

Staring at him with a solemn expression, she confronted him.

“Young Marshal Mu, what on earth were you trying to do”

Mu Feichi glanced at the jade seal in his hand, and his eyes appeared calm, as if he had expected the jade seal to be returned to him.

“I wasnt trying to do anything.

I just wanted to see how you would deal with your outrageous mom.”

“Why is Young Marshal Mu interested in other families dirty laundry Gossip doesnt seem like your area of interest.”

“Its not, but when the center of attention is you, I am very interested.”

Yun Xi lifted the corners of her mouth teasingly, and coldness flashed through her bright eyes.

“Young Marshal Mu probably doesnt know what the fortune-teller said about me.

I am destined to be a scourge throughout this lifetime.

Anyone who gets near me will inevitably be jinxed by me.

No matter what happens in this life, I am destined to be alone until my death.

So, for the sake of Young Marshal Mus bright future, you should not be too interested in me, since curiosity killed the cat.”

“Ive had a hard life, so Im not afraid of you jinxing me.

If you really have that ability, Id actually like to see it for myself.”

Evidently, he didnt believe those superstitious words at all.

“…” Yun Xi frowned and pursed her lips.

Her eyes, however, could no longer remain impassive.

She had always felt like a scourge since her childhood, and everyone had always avoided her like the plague.

There had never been a person who had said these words to her in such a straightforward manner.

She could tell that he was not afraid, and that he did not believe in these sort of superstitions at all.

So arrogant, so brazen, so fearless!

He really did live up to his title of the Vigorous and Resolute Young Marshal Mu!

Turning her head, she avoided his burning, intrusive gaze.

“Thats enough, just let me jinx other people.”

Mu Feichis eyes narrowed slightly and settled on her stubborn profile.

Then he raised his hand to turn her face toward him.

“Little rascal, why are you so stubborn”

He clasped her wrists, forcibly unclenched her stiff fingers, and placed an intangible force in her palm.

“Destiny…is in your own hands.

Only if you control it can you then turn a new leaf in your life.

The weak are its slaves! The strong are its masters! Understand”

“…” Yun Xi stared at him blankly, her trembling eyes gleaming with strong emotion.

His words, like a blaze of flame, had ignited the hope that had been struggling to survive in her heart for a long time.

That little light gradually magnified into a fire that could illuminate a vast plain.

“As for whether you want to be its slave or its master, you must decide.”

He returned the Longyun Jade Seal in his hand to her, and his deep eyes were like a whirlpool, making her feel unable to resist getting sucked in.

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