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Chapter 1066: Are We Blind

Peoples gazes had pierced through her clothing and stripped her of all her dignity, pride, and logic.

Her thoughts were turned into mush.

The jealousy and self-assured superiority in her heart started to bubble like magma inside a volcano.

It had been her only lifeline in the stormy ocean; it was what had motivated her to fight with Yun Xi despite losing all of her reputation and respect.

She was unwilling to accept her fate.

Yun Xi was nothing but a jinx, yet the head of the Huo family was willing to stand up and speak for her

She was a daughter who her mother had abandoned, she was someone who she had bullied while growing up, everyone knew that she was a jinx.

Why was she above her right now

The situation had spiraled out of control, and peoples cold mocking remarks had sent a migraine headache through her brain.

Chen Lixue could not bear the humiliation any longer.

However, Su Zongping pulled her away before she could defend her daughter.

His hateful gaze pierced through her pupils as if to say, “Keep your mouth shut.”

It would be a miracle if the Su family was still regarded with any respect after tonight.

If she decided to step out and involve herself further as the bride, it would spell the end for the Su family.

Liang Xinyi would have to face the consequences of her own actions.

The Su family would not hesitate to hand her over should Young Master Huo ask.

“What do we do now, sister” Liang Danyi whispered as she tugged at the sleeves of a stunned Liang Xinyi.

“The truth is right in front of us, Liang Xinyi.

I cant fake the security footage, can I You wanted me dead.

We all saw that.

I will not let this go easily.”

Liang Xinyi shook her head aggressively.

Tears fell from her eyes as she maintained her innocent appearance as the victim to try to get any form of sympathy, “It wasnt me! I didnt do it on purpose.”

She had gone too far from the shore to return.

If Huo Tingxiao were to intervene further, she could not think of what would happen to her.

“Please help me, Third Master! I didnt do this on purpose, I really did not!”

Afraid that Huo Tingxiao would continue to side with Yun Xi, Liang Xinyi reached out and hugged the pant leg of Han Zhongteng.

Looking up pitifully, she begged with him for sympathy.

“Its not what it looks like.

I merely slipped and knocked Yun Xi down.

I did not do it on purpose.

Its not what it looks like!”

Han Zhongteng shot her a look of disgust and peeled her off his thigh.

“Theres no use begging me.

Dont you see whats going on You need to apologize to Miss Yun here, and not Young Master Huo.”

He had truly been jinxed by Liang Xinyi.

How had he bedded someone who had no sense at all

For his reputations sake, he dared not discipline Liang Xinyi here.

He needed to go somewhere private for disciplining her.

The looks from onlookers and even the heads of the three noble families were on her.

Huo Tingxiao had spoken up as well.

Yet, Liang Xinyi chose to continue her innocent act instead of admitting her actions.

She truly lacked a brain.

To him, Huo Tingxiao was easy enough to handle, but if anyone else from the heads of the three noble families spoke up for Yun Xi, Liang Xinyi was a dead woman walking.

However, with Liang Xinyi persistently hugging his thigh, there was little Han Zhongteng could do.

He spoke up after deliberating how he could protect the reputation of the Han family.

“Young Master Huo, lets just treat this as a small quarrel between the girls and let them settle it themselves.”

Having Yun Xi handle what would happen to Liang Xinyi was much preferred by Huo Tingxiao.

He might have to collect her body from the river tomorrow if it was up to Huo Tingxiao.

Just as Han Zhongteng spoke, Jiang Chenghuan who had been watching silently suddenly walked in and came face to face with the pair.

His smile placed his amusement on full show.

“Might I suggest something, Third Master Han You should delete your evidence before you jump in the next time.

It would definitely save you the pain of hitting your own face.

The evidence was here for all to see.

Do you think we are blind”

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