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Chapter 1068: Young Commanders Moves

With two of the heads of the three noble families stepping out to defend Yun Xi, she was tonights biggest winner.

Others could beg endlessly, but never have even a bit of attention paid to them, yet Yun Xi had gained all kinds of support through this unfortunate circumstance.

This fact had left the many elite female socialites of the venue in shock.

As Han Zhongteng was forcibly pulled away by Han Yaotian, Cheng Lixue and the Liang sisters remained behind.

Their faces looked awkward, and it was evident that they were uncertain about what was going to happen to them.

Members of the Su family had apologized to the guests and called for the hotel manager and staff to guide the guests back into the banquet hall.

The noisy swimming pool area finally calmed down.

Su Donglin regarded Liang Xinyi who remained seated on the ground.

His entire body was fuming, but he had to try to suppress it somehow.

She was part of the Su family now, and with his position as the head of the Su family, all it would take was one sentence from him to handle them in any way he wanted.

However, there were plenty of days to come.

There would always be time to make his move.

“You really should not have agreed to let Fourth Uncle marry someone like this, big brother,” Su Ximan fumed.

“She could have just been a plaything.

Look at all the trouble that she has caused!”

Su Donglin gave his sisters shoulders a pat.

“Take Miss Yun upstairs and treat her well.”

Yun Xi was the star of the night.

If they had crossed her, there was no doubt that they would only live in misery.

The Su family would only escape their impending doom if they can mend their relationship with Yun Xi and the Young Commander.

The Young Commander never stood up throughout the entire incident, but Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan, who usually never made a show of themselves, had stepped up for Yun Xi.

What could this mean

If the others didnt understand, Su Donglin did.

It could only be interpreted that they had done so with the relationship between Yun Xi and the Young Commander in mind.

As his friends, they would step out and speak up on her behalf.

This was normal.

However, he was well aware of who Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan were.

They were close friends who were of equal standing with the Young Commander, and there was no need for them to earn personal favors from the Young Commander.

If they were willing to speak on behalf of Yun Xi, this alone was an indication that they were closely related to her in one way or another also.

Huo Tingxiao was one, followed by Jiang Chenghuan, the Young Commander, the Eldest Heir, and the Jiang family.

They all supported her.

The young womans network was shockingly extensive.

It was even more surprising to him that Yun Xi consistently kept a low profile despite the level of networks that she had.

Never had she flaunted her connections.

She was more low key than any of the other guests in attendance.

She was someone who had hidden all of her aces up her sleeves, someone who truly had power and potential.

Su Ximan turned to Yun Xi.

“Lets head upstairs, Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyis vile personality has caused all of this, and my brother will make it up to you.”

Although Yun Xi had been the one wronged, she never said anything to defend herself and she barely spoke up at all.

However, there were many who had stood up for her and given Liang Xinyi the karma she deserved.

The appearance of Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang had given Su Ximan a shock about Yun Xi.

She was definitely full of surprises.

It served Liang Xinyi right to be humiliated to her bones.

It must be quite a heavy shame for her to carry.

Tonight had sealed off all of her chances to be part of the socialite circles in Jingdus upper society.

She had lost her footing before she had even had one.

Yun Xi nodded, and she turned and gave Su Donglin a look.

Su Donglins face was as dark as the clouds before a thunderstorm.

She turned back to Su Ximan who was nodding and promising compensation for her and realized what had happened.

There was a reason Mu Feichi did not step in, but let his friends Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan take care of his business for him.

It was his way of telling Su Donglin that Yun Xi did not just have close ties with Mu Feichi, but she was close to Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan as well.

She had three mountains supporting her back, and therefore she was untouchable.

This also meant that Huo Tingxiao would not hold back when it came to tackling Chen Lixue and her daughters in the future.

Young Commander Mu was truly a force to reckon with.

He had won the round without even stepping into it himself.

This type of psychological tactic was beyond most ordinary peoples comprehension or capability.

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