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Chapter 1070: Scheming and Calculating

On their way home, Zhao Yumo was confused.

She didnt understand why the Young Commander hadnt done anything when he should have been the one stepping in during the fiasco.

Jiang Chenghuan turned and looked at her.

Then, thinking that maybe she hadnt eaten enough at the banquet, he asked if she wanted supper.

Instead, she rolled her eyes at him.

“Hey, let me ask you something.

Why did the Young Commander only observe from the sidelines, while you and Young Master Huo went forward to help If youre so nice, where have you been hiding that all this while”

After Jiang Chenghuan gave some instructions to the chauffeur, he leaned back lazily and looked at Zhao Yumo.

“Youre such a dummy.

But with your brains, if you can figure it out, then you should be the one in my position as the family head.”

After being teased by him, Zhao Yumo kicked him angrily.

“Stop beating around the bush and praising yourself.

Spill it!”

Jiang Chenghuan smiled a little before looking a little more serious.

He didnt need to hide his thoughts from her.

“Girl, sometimes you can achieve the best result by not doing anything.”

“What do you mean How is it that the more you explain, the more I dont understand”

“Young Master Huo and I stepped in, and although the Young Commander didnt do anything, Su Donglin definitely understood what he was trying to show.

Because the Young Commander didnt do anything, Su Donglin isnt fully sure what was going through his mind.

So Su Donglin is going to be ruthless when he is dealing with Liang Xinyi and her family.”

“Say something I can understand!”

Seeing how urgent she felt about this, Jiang Chenghuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

But he still ended up explaining it patiently to her.

“Su Donglin knows about the relationship between Yun Xi and the Young Commander.

So if the Young Commander stepped in as expected, Su Donglin would only need to appease him.

But instead of the Young Commander, Young Master Huo and I came in to help Yun Xi.

So this is telling Su Donglin that there is a relationship between us and Yun Xi too.

Based on Su Donglins cunning character, do you think he will go easy on Liang Xinyi and her mother If he doesnt extract some terrible justice, he will risk offending all three family heads.”

Zhao Yumo shook her head.

Now she finally understood why the Young Commander did not step in.

As Su Donglin wouldnt know what was on the Young Commanders mind, this would make him treat Liang Xinyi and her mother even more ruthlessly.

“Su Ximan may probably ask Yun Xi to talk to the Young Commander and put in some good words for them.

And with how he is so head over heels for Yun Xi, he would probably just let it slide.

But it wont be that easy for Young Master Huo and me.

To not offend us, Su Donglin will never be able to go easy on Liang Xinyi and her mother.

And this is exactly the outcome the Young Commander wants.

Do you understand now”

“I do now! The Young Commanders methods sure are classy and cunning at the same time.

All of you are more cunning and sly one than the other.

I thought the Young Commander didnt want to get involved and was worried that Yun Xi would be upset about it.

I certainly put too much thought into it.

You guys have way better moves than we do.”

“I hope you dont think Yun Xi is as stupid as you On the contrary, I think she is the smartest person there.

Didnt you see that Yun Xi did nothing just now She did not want to dirty her hands, so she let Su Donglin deal with Liang Xinyi.

If she couldnt see through what the Young Commander was thinking, then his efforts would have been wasted on her.”

“Oh, youre right! Yun Xi is definitely not stupid.

I am still curious, since it seems like Liang Xinyi doesnt know how the surveillance cameras started working again.

But Yun Xi said that she didnt do it.

So, who was it”

“Make a guess!”

“How would I know Maybe it was the hotel staff”

“Do you really believe in such a coincidence” Jiang Chenghuan clicked his tongue softly.

“Do you remember when I asked you to turn and look at someone passing by”

“What It was her Qiao Ximin Did Liang Xinyi offend her For her to help Yun Xi like that…!”

“You think shes helping Yun Xi Baby, youre too naïve!” Jiang Chenghuan patted her head.

“She has her own motives.

If you want to know what they are, ask Yun Xi yourself.

Wouldnt you girls understand girls better”

HMPH! “Its killing a lot of my brain cells to hang out with all of you, so scheming and calculating!”

“All right, stop vexing yourself over it! I will treat you to supper to nourish your brain!”

“Are you suggesting that I am stupid”

“I am obviously saying it out loud!”

“Get lost!”

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