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Chapter 1075: Next Big Break

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If Yun Chuhan had some brains, Yun Ziling must have inherited all of Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfengs weaknesses.

Every time she saw the family of three sitting together without Yun Chuhan, she felt that this family of three was the real Yun family.

“Why did you call me back so late at night”

“Oh, its nothing much.

I just heard that you attended the Su familys wedding as well.

Didnt the Su family send an invitation that only invited your mother and sister This invitation doesnt seem like it can be obtained easily, right”

This hint was so obvious, so how could Yun Xi not hear it She tugged at the corners of her lips and laughed lightly.

“Well, I met the Young Mistress of the Su family that time when Mother went to the Feng family to create trouble.

In order not to offend the Su family, I apologized to Miss Su on Mothers behalf.

Furthermore, Miss Su is also my senior at the university.

She probably sent me an invitation because she heard that the woman getting marred was my ex-auntie who had raised me when I was young.”

Yes, it was well reasoned out.

There was nothing wrong with this explanation.

Back then, during the incident Yun Xi was referring to, Liang Xiuqin had insisted on breaking up lovebirds.

Now, Yun Xi had become friends with Miss Su.

“Oh, I see…”

With Yun Xis reminder, Yun Yuanfeng recalled Liang Xiuqins foolish actions.

Every time, it was always Yun Xi who cleaned up the mess.

Fortunately, nothing major had happened, and because of this she had even made friends with the Su familys Young Mistress.

This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

“I heard that Miss Su and the head of the Su family are siblings.

They have a good relationship…”

“Father, are you talking about the Su familys Eldest Young Master” The moment Yun Yuanfeng opened his mouth, Yun Xi knew what he was trying to probe, so she quickly stopped him.

“Im friends with Miss Su, but I dont have any relationship with the Eldest Young Master.

Ive never even met him.”

Anyway, as long as she stayed resolute, her father could not do anything to her.

“I heard about what happened tonight.

Your cousin fell into the swimming pool”

“Yes! Because of this, the Su family even offended Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang.

I wonder if there will be any trouble.”

Right now, the Su family was in a situation like a clay Buddha crossing a river.

If Yun Yuanfeng knew what was good for him, he would not try to make friends or get himself into trouble.

He would also not make things difficult for her by insisting that she please the Su family.

As expected, the topic of the Su family had steered to the two family heads.

“By the way, Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang stood up for you tonight.

You have to thank them later.

With their status, they dont stand up for others easily.”

“I dont even know Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang, so I was surprised that they would stand up for me.

Perhaps they thought that my cousin was too much, and they felt that I was being wronged.

If it were me, I would also stand up for the innocent if they were being framed.”

“Who are Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang People like them never meddle in other peoples affairs.

You cant say that you dont know each other.

Even the Young Commander, when you treated his wounds, did he not stand up for you If Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang dont know you, why would they stand up for you Who do they think you are”

Liang Xiuqin was certain that they knew each other, and Yun Xi had hidden this layer of relationships.

Every chance and hope were like straws she could clutch at.

After all, no matter how hard they tried to get in through the back door or create opportunities, they might not even be able to get close to a big shot like that.

If they really had such an opportunity, but this wretched girl had hidden it, how long would they have to wait for their next big break

“Mom, I dont understand what youre saying.

Just like you said, I dont have any status, so why would Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang stand up for me Im just a small fry, so how could I know them I do want to get to know them..

Once I get to know them, Ill be able to do whatever I want in Jingdu.

But they might not give me the chance, right If I rashly get to know them, what if I offend them Have you considered the consequences”

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