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Chapter 107: Use Herself as Bait

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He was right, only after she became strong could she rise above the others.

Only when she was strong enough, could she overturn the circumstances of her life.

Then no one would dare to bully her.

“I set up this scheme, not to interfere in your familys affairs, but just to test your determination and courage in such a situation.”

If she had been unable to fight back, then she wasnt worth his high expectations.

Only if they were evenly matched would she be able to firmly hold the position of the wife of the Mu familys heir.

“It wouldnt be difficult to counterattack because my mom used extremely reckless and underhanded tactics.”

After standing up, she stepped back and raised her eyes to gaze at the man lazily lounging on the sofa in front of her.

His haughty demeanor, as well as the fact that he was in control of the entire situation, scared her a little.

“However, Young Marshal Mu, you have underestimated me.”

She turned and walked toward the rows of display shelves, found the place where the seal belonged, and put the Longyun Jade Seal back into its brocade box.

After glancing at the items on the display shelf, she finally selected a watch.

She turned to Mu Feichi and shook the watch she was holding in her hand.

“Young Marshal Mu, Im going to borrow this.”

Mu Feichi stepped forward, and, leaning on the display shelf, he glanced at the mens watch in her hand and chuckled lightly.

“Wouldnt it be more effective to use my jade seal”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“My mother didnt know who the owner of this jade seal was.

If she had known it was you, she would never have used it to frame me.

Although the effect on me might have been better, she would also have dragged the Yun family into the mess.

She would never do something that stupid, no matter how brainless she is.

Moreover, todays auction manual didnt reveal the identity of the jade seals owner.

According to the rules of the auction house, either this thing was added at the last minute or the owner is of very high status.

If it was something my mom could lay her hands, of course she wouldnt imagine it was the latter scenario.”

“In this case, wouldnt it be better to use the seal No one knows who the owner of the jade seal is, so as long as I dont let on, it will be your mother, not the entire Yun family, who will be embarrassed.”

“I thought of this before bringing the jade seal back, but now I dont think so.”

Yun Xi raised her hand and stared at what was in it.

Then she raised her eyebrows slightly, and a sly look flashed through her eyes.

“Using their own scheme against them is simply my backup plan.

I plan on using this as bait for a bigger fish.”

“Who do you want to bait” Mu Feichi glanced at the watch in her hand, then suddenly remembered the owner of the watch in the auction manual, and frowned.

“Jiang Henglin Your fiance in that marital contract”

As he spoke of this man, Mu Feichis face got dark.

His lips got very serious and a threatening aura enveloped him.

“Why do you think hell take the bait instead of taking the opportunity to throw you under the bus After all, he has been bound to this marriage contract since he was a kid.

He has been relentlessly ridiculed because of it, so dont you think he might loathe you, his fiancee whom he has never met”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly, and her eyes fell on the watch that she was squeezing tightly in her hand.

“No reason, just a gamble!”

“What are you gambling on If you want to gamble, you have to have something to bet on.”

“I bet that he hates me.” Yun Xi chuckled softly, then raised her hand and touched Mu Feichis neatly trimmed hair, as she grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“Young Marshal Mu, lets go and watch the farce.

There are still those same three rules, no interference allowed! Ill treat this incident as a test you set for me.

Otherwise, if things go wrong, dont blame me for cutting all my ties with you.”

Before he could respond, shed resumed her impassive countenance, then turned to open the storage room door and walked out.

The guards outside saw her, but no one stopped her, as if they had expected her to come out.

Mu Feichi stood at the door as he stared at the figure who disappeared around the corner, and his eyes were full of the intrigue he obviously felt for her.

Little rascal, Im waiting to see how you plan on hosting this farce.

If you want to catch Jiang Henglin, what is the bait going to be

He hadnt expected her to be so clever and actually use herself as bait.

But in the midst of this messy state of affairs tonight, she was going to inevitably get wounded in the crossfire.

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