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Chapter 1078: Just One Lollipop

Yun Xi smiled.

“Oh Did I lie I really dont know them.

If you say that I know them, where is your proof”

Yun Chuhan was definitely more intelligent than the other members of the Yun family who lived at home.

The others all had various motives to go after Yun Xi, but it was different for Yun Chuhan.

She had always been fascinated by her elder sister and had tried to probe into many aspects of her life, so she naturally saw more details than the rest.

“I…” Yun Chuhan had originally approached Yun Xi, just to sound her out.

However, she didnt expect Yun Xi to already close her off before she had found out anything.

“I wont be able to deny anything if you have proof.

But if you dont have any evidence, our mother wont believe what you say.”

“I know its not easy to take advantage of you, and believe me I have no intention of making it easier for them either.

I am not interested in Young Master Huo or Young Master Jiang.

I only want to find out if you know the Young Commander.”

“What makes you think that I know the Young Commander Just as our mother said, I treated his injuries previously, but you notice he did not stand up to help me.

Yun Chuhan, dont try to figure me out.

If you want to get to know the Young Commander, you must think of a way yourself.

When we went to Mu Mansion, I already gave you a chance, but you did not grab it.

So you cant blame me for not helping you.”

“How…how do I…” She didnt realize that it wasnt that easy to meet the Young Commander.

She did not even get to meet him when they were at Mu Mansion.

“What you want to do is none of my business.”

Without wanting to say more, Yun Xi turned around and walked out.

She left Yun Chuhan standing at the door, stomping her feet angrily.

When Yun Xi stepped out of the main gate of the villa residences complex, she saw Qi Yuans car with its lights turned on.

She took a look at the license number and approached.

“Young Commander is at Mu Mansion.

Do you want to go there or go back home”

Yun Xi got into the car after giving it some thought.

“I will go to Mu Mansion.

I have not thanked him for what happened tonight.”

It was already quite late when she arrived, but the butler was still awake.

She didnt know if he had been waiting for her to arrive, but he opened the door immediately after she rang the doorbell.

“The Young Commander is in the study.

Miss Yun, could you go into the kitchen and cook a bowl of noodles to bring to him.

This old man is going to rest for the night.”

The butler obviously didnt want to disturb them.

He mumbled his good nights and went straight to his room.

Yun Xi just smiled and walked into the kitchen.

When she entered the kitchen, she realized that all the ingredients were on the counter.

It was apparent that they had been waiting for her.

Yun Xi quickly cooked a bowl of beef and egg noodles.

As she walked out of the kitchen, she was surprised to see someone standing in the arched doorway.

She smiled.

“The noodles are ready.

Come have a taste.”

Mu Feichi paused for a moment before pulling out a chair to sit down.

He looked down at the plate Yun Xi had placed in front of him.

He then glanced at the delicate face that was full of anticipation.

Finally, he grunted and said, “Nothing is free in the world, so you must be up to something.”

Yun Xi was stunned, and she looked at Mu Feichi with a baffled expression on her face.

“Sir, although you look handsome and lovely, I have no intention of doing anything to you.

I just wanted to thank you for getting Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang to help me.

I am just expressing my gratitude, thats all!”

“Even if you had the intention, I wouldnt let you do it!”

“…” He said it like she was really going to do something to him.

Yun Xi bit her lips and looked at him without saying a word.

Right from the beginning, the conversation had gotten off on the wrong note.

If they carried on with this charade, she would be the one who ended up feeling awkward.

She had already started to dig a trap for herself.

Seeing that he was acting so stubborn, Yun Xi immediately understood that he must be unhappy about her leaving the banquet with Chen Yichen.

I guess this haughty young master really cant be appeased with just one lollipop.

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