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Chapter 1083: Lifetime Wounds

Before she hung up, Yun Xi could not help herself and added another word of advice.

“Guide Yumo well.

Teach her everything you know!”

“When have I hidden anything from her Shes smart and talented, but lacks experience in real situations.

Im talking about a harsh reality.

To put it simply, what if something suddenly happened to her family She wouldnt know what to do.

Only if she faced this on her own could it be counted as a real experience.

Theres no point talking about things like this.”

“That hasnt happened yet.

Knock on wood.

I have things to do.

You go back to whatever you were doing.”

This was a topic Yun Xi did not wish to discuss any longer, so she hung up immediately.

Using her knowledge from her past life, Yun Xi knew that the grandfather of the Zhao family would die and the second uncle of Yumo would become the head of the family.

Yumo would be forcibly sent overseas, and the Zhao family would rise to the level of Prime Minister and be among the four wealthiest clans.

Although she hadnt interacted with Yumo in her past life, she had interacted with the son of the second uncle, Zhao Yizhou.

She had worked on some projects with Zhao Yizhou representing the Zhao family.

Despite his young age, he was definitely an individual who had a tactical mind.

He was different from the younger brother of Qiao Ximin.

He was someone who would do anything to accomplish his goals.

Make no mistake, he would do anything.

His tactics were harsh, and there was little ground for defense.

However, he was not as people friendly as Su Donglin.

He offended people frequently and ultimately was chased out of their milieu by the members of the four wealthiest clans.

Yun Xi had altered many peoples life paths in her second life.

She had done her best in treating Grandfather Zhao back to health, and she prayed that what had happened in her past life would not repeat itself.

As much as possible, she tried to have a positive impact on Yumos life.

To grow up in this intense environment must have left a deep impact on her.

There were many wounds that might not heal even after a lifetime.

It had only been a few days since Mu Feichi returned from the presidents office, but Jingdu was already being swept up into the anti-narcotics movement.

Numerous anti-narcotics exercises were being promoted by entertainment centers, hotels, and well-known universities.

The phenomenon quickly spread across the country.

Yun Xi had asked Mu Feichi to propose the idea of an anti-narcotics exercise to the president.

This was the start of her clean-up plan.

If they made enough noise, they would be able to startle a few guilty individuals.

Once the exercise was extended into every part of Jun Country, all large entertainment centers and hotels would be on the polices radar.

The investigation process would become more complex, and the moment there were any inconsistencies, hidden relations would be revealed.

As long as there was movement, they would have the chance to capture any culprits.

The silence from any opponents of the plan had emphasized how precarious the situation was.

They would expose themselves as targets if they moved too soon.

However, they felt that the situation was salvageable.

Jingdu University had pushed out a series of exercises as well.

Seniors across all faculties had joined in.

Noticeboards and activity corners in schools were plastered with anti-narcotics campaign materials.

This was expected.

However, no one had really expected that Si Wenxuan would invite their principal to organize the activity.

Yun Xi heard from the bodyguards that her proposal came even earlier than the notice from the Ministry of Education.

This did surprise her, but not enormously.

She had learned after consulting a bodyguard that when Mu Feichi visited the presidents office, Si Wenxuan had stood outside the door for a long time without entering.

She must have heard of the nationwide anti-narcotics exercise and proposed it to the principal to show up Mu Feichi and try to attract his attention.

There were ulterior motives to her proposal after all.

Mu Feichi had to be notified.

Si Wenxuan knew her bodyguards were Mu Feichis men and hence knew Mu Feichi would have updates on her every move.

Meanwhile, Qiao Ximin saw the anti-narcotics campaign as an opportunity to flaunt and promote her personal art exhibition.

Student art exhibitions were not uncommon at universities.

There would be student art galleries and other activities set up occasionally.

Qiao Ximin had set up an atelier of her own, and she and a few other students of the Fine Arts Faculty decided to put on an exhibition.

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