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Chapter 1084: Weighing Her Down

Due to her looks and talent, tickets to Qiao Ximins exhibitions were harder to find than the fountain of youth.

The earnings from her art exhibitions were to be donated to students in poor areas.

This move had received much applause and praise from everyone in the university.

To these people, this proved that Qiao Ximin was not only rich and cultured, but she was also charitable.

But Yun Xi knew that this pretense of humility and philanthropy was simply Qiao Ximins path to earning more attention and recognition from high society.

These charity events were her aces in the hole to ensure she would be able to attend the socialite ball.

There were many criteria necessary in order to attend the socialite ball.

These daughters of elite families had to have looks, talents, manners, and they also had to have made contributions in service of the public.

Ultimately, the socialite ball had been established to spur socialites to contribute to society.

Now that Yun Xi had figured out this motive, the numerous socialite-organized charity events and auctions that had popped up around Jingdu made sense.

Most of the socialites were putting last-minute work into ensuring their attendance at the socialite ball by boosting their images.

However, in the eyes of Yun Xi, this was simply another avenue where she could humiliate Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi didnt care about winning the title as the top socialite.

If she won, she would dominate all the networks in Jingdu.

But this was also a hindrance for Yun Xi.

Knowing her parents characters, she realized she would be drained dry by her parents ambitions.

They might be her family, but they had become weights tied to her, which were wearing her down.

As she stood beside the notice board, Yun Xi could hear a voice calling out to her from behind, “Yun Xi!”

She turned and saw Qiao Ximin approaching her.

This was hardly a surprise.

Qiao Ximins white dress drifted in the wind against her tall figure and strands of her black hair fell on her shoulders.

She looked like a gentle, innocent goddess.

If she had not already seen the ugly side of Qiao Ximin, she might have been deceived by her beauty as well.

“Senior…” Blinking coquettishly, Yun Xi hid her emotions behind a pair of smiling eyes.

“What a coincidence!”

“I have been looking everywhere for you! I went to your class, but your classmates said you had not returned from the lab yet, so I came over here and now Ive bumped into you.”

“I just finished class.

You were looking for me regarding…”

Qiao Ximin approached her in a friendly manner and reached out to grab Yun Xis hands.

But Yun Xi retracted her hands immediately, and she explained with an awkward smile, “Ah, sorry, my hand still smells from the rat dissections I just did in the lab…”

“Oh, oh, no worries.” Qiao Ximin paled.

Rats were her greatest fear!

The skin on her hand felt prickly at the thought that the pair of hands that she had almost touched had just dissected a rat.

Waves of chills ran down her back, and goosebumps appeared all over her forearms.

Returning the smile, Qiao Ximin reassured Yun Xi that she was all right.

However, she had hidden her hands behind her back.

Yun Xi gave her a weird look.

Qiao Ximin had been deathly afraid of rats in her last life also.

It seemed as if nothing had changed.

Yun Xis smile was friendly as she looked up at Qiao Ximin.

“May I help you with anything”

“Oh, yes! Im organizing an art exhibition in school.

Heres the invite, do visit!”

As she spoke, Qiao Ximin retrieved an exquisite-looking invitation from her bag and handed it to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi turned to the notice board beside her.

“I had just seen the advertisement here.

Who wouldve thought that you would give me an invitation personally.

This is an honor! Your invitations are one in a million!”

“Today is special as we are doing a public service event, so the invitation is just a polite gesture between friends.

There are no restrictions this year, and all are welcome to visit.”

“I see.

Sounds amazing!”

Keeping the invitation, Yun Xi flashed Qiao Ximin a smile.

“Thank you for the invitation.

I will definitely be there.”

“Great, Ill see you there!”

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