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Chapter 108: So Its Vintage

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The elevator opened with a chime, and Ling Jing marveled at the girl in front of him.

His eyes traveled up from the hem of her yellow dress to her fresh face with no makeup.

She had a slender figure, long black hair, and flawless skin.

Under the lights, she seemed to glow with a pearly luster.

Perhaps it was because of her young age, but, with her exquisite vintage dress, she seemed the vision of a lady who had just walked out of a painting.

Ling Jing suddenly felt that compared to this girl, his unique sense of fashion paled.

Almost reflexively, he raised his hand to stop her.

“Miss, can you please tell me where you had your clothing made”

The special silk fabric of her dress was of much better quality and delicacy than the fabric that he had in his studio.

It was very unusual for girls of her age to dress in this style.

However, this style accentuated her strong points and flattered her from head to toe in a uniquely elegant and sophisticated way.

Hed never thought of designing clothing in this style for young people.

Hed always assumed that fashionable girls wouldnt wear them well.

And he certainly hadnt expected to see a young girl wearing this style in such an impeccable manner.

It seemed that he had made the right decision by coming to this auction today.

Hed found such a treasure.

When this strange man had stopped her, Yun Xi had initially felt standoffish.

However, then shed looked carefully at the man in front of her.

She went through her memories from her previous life and finally remembered who this person was.

Wasnt he the same internationally famous fashion designer, Ling Jing, who had been praised by Yun Ziling as if he had been a god

Although shed only seen him once in her previous life, Ling Jings cheekiness was quite hard to forget.

One could see none of the over-the-top flamboyant flashiness usually exhibited by fashion designers.

Instead, he appeared mischievous and suave.

Even after many years, Ling Jings face, which was even prettier than a girls, was quite hard to forget.

“The clothes that Im wearing” Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Yun Xi looked down at the dress she was wearing.

“This dress is a hand-me-down from my grandma.

It was a part of her dowry when she was young.

Silk-weaving from Jiangnans older generation isnt easy to find nowadays.

“So its vintage!” Ling Jing sounded rueful.

Seeming to be thinking something over, he quickly took out a business card from his wallet and handed it to her.

“My name is Ling Jing, and Im a designer.

Could you please come to my studio when you have some free time I have designed several sets of clothing similar to the style you are wearing right now, but I cant find the right models to wear them.

You look great, and you seem to fit the style.”

“…” Yun Xi stared at the business card in her hand with a dumbstruck expression and then looked at this man who had such a sincere expression on his face.

She didnt expect to so easily get something other people could only dream of.

“All right then, Ill come when I have some free time.” Yun Xi smiled at him politely and turned toward the elevator.

After watching her leave, Ling Jing realized that this was the third floor and ordinary people couldnt come up here, so how had she managed to come up

As he was thinking this, he suddenly turned around and came face to face with Young Marshal Mu, who was standing right behind him.

“Just now…”

“She was the recipient of the floral gown that I asked you to make.”

“Huh” Now Ling Jing was the one with a dumbstruck expression on his face.

That was the girl he had been asking about

Young Marshal Mus taste was really extraordinary.

“Then why didnt she come here in the gown”

“I have absolutely no idea.” Mu Feichi was also feeling curious and disgruntled that Yun Xi didnt wear the dress that hed sent her.

Only when he saw Yun Ziling at the auction venue did he realize that it wasnt because she didnt want to wear the gown, but that the gown had actually been snatched away from her.

Back at the auction venue, Yun Xi stood sideways behind the pillars, and her eyes swept over the venue.

By this time, most of the guests had already arrived.

At the three main tables near the auction stand, the two Mrs.

Chens were already present.

The Jiang family had come with their two daughters-in-law.

As expected, the second daughter-in-law, Lin Yunrong, had come with Jiang Henglin.

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