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Chapter 1089: Huo Tingxiao Agrees

As she arrived home to her apartment building, Yun Xi noticed the cars parked at the building entrance and felt like turning around and leaving.

However, a man standing by one of the cars saw her return and immediately walked forward, nodding at her respectfully.

“Miss Yun, my Young Master would like to see you.”

“You…may I ask who you are” Yun Xi had no idea who he was.

He could be a bodyguard or an assistant or a secretary.

“This way, please!” The man gestured for her to enter a black Bentley, where someone had already opened a door to let her in.

She looked at the person who was sitting on the back set with relief and walked toward the car.

“Young Master Huo, thank you for speaking up for me the other night.” Yun Xi did not forget to thank him the minute she entered the car.

He had stood up for her at the wedding banquet and had made the Su family respect her greatly.

Hed even hurt Liang Xinyis pride.

Mu Feichi was the one who had arranged this, of course.

She had gotten herself in some trouble, but Mu Feichi had straightened everything out for her.

Of course she had thanked him already.

“You dont have to be so polite with me,” Huo Tingxiao said as he turned to face her.

Under the cars interior light, his handsome face was filled with warmth.

He did not look like he normally did when he interacted with others.

He was usually so aloof that no one could get close to him.

The small table he had open before him was stacked with documents that he had been reviewing.

It was evident that he had been waiting for her for a long time.

“Have you been waiting for a long time” She glanced at the stack of documents.

From the look of it, he had been waiting for her for a long time.

He had already reviewed so many documents.

He should have called her and asked her to come home.

She felt terrible that someone of his status had had to wait in the car for several hours in this weather.

“Dont worry, it wasnt that long.” Huo Tingxiao took out a black folder from the pile of documents and handed it to her.

“This is the business proposal for the old town redevelopment with the Qiao family.

You can take a look.”

“Hmm These are your business secrets.

Are you sure you want me to see it”

When she realized that he was delivering his business proposal to her, Yun Xi could not remain calm.

She had suggested to Mu Feichi to arrange it so that a side branch of the Qiao family could stand out in the old town redevelopment competition and win the opportunity to collaborate with the Huo Corporation in order for them to become stronger than the main Qiao family.

Mu Feichi had told her that he had talked to Young Master Huo, but he had not said anything about the outcome of their conversation.

However,…now Huo Tingxiao had delivered the proposal to her in person,

She suddenly felt as if making friends with these people of noble status was like taking a roller coaster ride.

There was no telling what would happen next!

“The Young Commander told me about your plan and also your scheme.

You want to change the current balance of power in Jingdu.

The rise of the Qiao family side branch will indeed be an excellent bargaining chip.

Ive already sent people to investigate the current situation of the Qiao family branch.

Compared to the main Qiao family, theyve hidden their capabilities very deeply.

In the past few years, the side branch has been suppressed by the main family.

However, the strength of the side branch has been secretly developing.

Overall, its already showing signs of surpassing the main family.

Now that youve extended a helping hand to the side branch, this favor will be very beneficial to you in the future.”

“In the end, this favor still belongs to you.

Im the strategist, and youre the one who is truly responsible.

If it had not been for her age, it wouldnt have been a problem for her to follow Gu Baifan in conquering the business world.

The proposals that she had written for Han Yaotian back in her first life had been like her lab reports.

When she thought back to those dark days, it felt like a lifetime had passed.

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